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    20th of April 2016
  • Convention anyone?

    We've found that True the Vote supporters are some of the best informed and most dedicated people in the pro-liberty movement ... so ... we're betting you may have an interest in what's happening inside the ongoing state conventions.

    We sure do.

    If you are planning to attend your state convention - would you let us know? Drop us a line at freeandfair@truethevote.org.

    Not sure when your state party’s convention is happening? You can get that helpful info by clicking here for Republicans, or here for Democrats.


    What we know from our IRS court hearing this week

    Cautious optimism … that’s what TTV is feeling after this week’s hearing before the U.S. Court of Appeals - D.C. Circuit. You can listen to a recording of the oral arguments, here. We are happy to report the Court pulled no punches in asking the IRS’ attorneys why they should be trusted when the agency argues it has changed its ways since 2013. What happens now? We’re back to ‘playing the waiting game’ again. There is no hard and fast timeline for when a decision should be made. If TTV succeeds, we will have effectively reversed the lower court ruling to dismiss our case and be remanded back to the district court level for further litigation.

    A key aspect as to whether our case has been successfully mooted by the IRS revolves around the issue of whether the answers and corresponding documents we provided to those infamously intrusive questions should be entered into the public record with the rest of our IRS file. The agency has argued that, even though such requests were “inappropriate,” we should have had the greater sense to reject their requests! Regarding the abundance of sensitive information the IRS collected, they call ‘finders keepers.’  TTV attorney Cleta Mitchell told The Washington Times this week that such information was “fruit of the poisonous tree.”

    Immediately following oral arguments on Thursday, TTV’s appellate litigator, Dr. John C. Eastman, joined a national teleconference call hosted by The Federalist Society to debrief the hearing. An audio recording of that call is accessible on the group’s website.

    We’ve learned in all dealings with the IRS that endurance pays dividends. So stay tuned, friends.  


    Sign up for the Tuesday, April 19, 2016 TTV National Conference call!

    It’s getting to be that time of year again … so many moving parts, so many balls in the air! Join us on Tuesday, April 19 @ 6 PM Central time for a rapid-fire discussion of True the Vote’s upcoming work related to the political convention season, and get the most current update on the IRS lawsuit. Click here to get registered.


    Did you know? PEW Research highlighted a study that detailed the total amount it would cost to collect ALL voter files in the country. True the Vote’s national voter roll research databank costs $126,482 -- just for the raw data! If you haven’t yet, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help underwrite our research efforts.


    The Clinton camp is set to sue Arizona over voting locations

    The courtroom voting wars have reached the Grand Canyon State. Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee announced plans to sue Arizona this week, hoping to force county officials to submit November polling place locations for judicial review. Locals and party officials alike complained in the aftermath of the state’s March presidential preference primary that Phoenix-area voters reportedly stood in line for hours to cast a ballot. Looking back at 2008 figures, comparisons show that nearly 85% of voting locations were dropped. In its own defense, Maricopa County has protested, maintaining that it only underestimated turnout and sought to reduce costs. You can read more about this fast-developing case, here.

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    15th of April 2016
  • Judges: Henderson, Ginsburg, Sentelle
    Arguing: John C. Eastman, Judith A. Hagley (DOJ), Eric R. Nitz
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    14th of April 2016

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