• Obamacare’s voter registration engine is about to rev up. Thank Justice Roberts.

    We’ve all heard the criticism before: Obamacare, at its core, is little more than a voter registration drive for incumbent political interests. This week, the Obama Administration was formally put on notice by some of its closest allies for dragging its feet on completely integrating voter registration into Obamacare enrollment. Project Vote (formerly of ACORN fame), DEMOS (once predicted 68 million new voters thanks to ACA) and the League of Women Voters (regular voter ID litigants) are the three groups threatening a federal lawsuit against the Administration. Here’s the state of play:

    • The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) requires STATE service agencies to offer registration opportunities as part of agency-specific covered transitions (like getting a driver’s license at the local DMV).
    • Progressive interest groups have long-bemoaned the plateauing effect seen on voter registration thanks to the NVRA over the years. They want a game-changer.
    • Depending on where you live in the country, your Obamacare experience can come in a variety of forms: federal exchanges (with or without subsidies); state exchanges (with or without subsidies); Medicaid enrollment; or the penalty for noncompliance.
    • If you engage with a state exchange or Medicaid, voter registration should be offered along the way as state officials will eventually handle your application. If you work with a navigator, voter registration is typically offered as well.
    • But for the residents of 30 states without local exchanges claiming incomes above Medicaid levels, voter registration isn’t typically offered. That’s the largest segment of the market. That’s where ACORN’s old pals want to play.

    The three groups are threatening a lawsuit they know won’t fly in the hopes that an executive action is made to remedy their collective concerns instead. Why is Chief Justice Roberts to blame? King v. Burwell ruled that “State Exchanges and Federal Exchanges are equivalent — they must meet the same requirements, perform the same functions, and serve the same purposes.” Are we about to see a new interpretation of the NVRA? Keep your eyes open on this one.


    The IRS dodges the perp walk

    You probably saw it in the news this week, but take it straight from us – TTV is not happy about the Justice Department’s decision over the weekend to drop its investigation into IRS targeting. TTV knew this was a game of dirty pool from the beginning. When the FBI refuses to interview you unless the same DOJ attorneys you’re litigating against in a civil case will be allowed to question you as well, the investigation has problems. Worse, the same DOJ personnel who cleared Lois Lerner’s name last week coordinated with her in 2010 to explore criminal cases against groups like TTV. In a release circulated after the revelation, TTV Founder Catherine Engelbrecht had this to say: “This is the act of a lawless Administration. Consider all we’ve already seen on their watch, from the Fast and Furious murders to Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s abuse of top secret emails -- the FBI’s closing of their investigation is par for the course in the Obama Administration, where criminals walk free and honest Americans fear their government.”

    Frankly, the House of Representative’s move to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen this week is little more than a consolation prize.


    Did you know? PEW Research highlighted a study which detailed the total amount it would cost to collect ALL voter files in the country. For True the Vote to build a national voter roll research effort, it costs $126,482 just for the raw data! If you haven’t yet, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help underwrite our research efforts.


    Colorado’s vote-by-mail law needs hand delivery to survive

    Sometimes you just have to let a bad election law tear itself apart. This week, new-ish Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams put forth an urgent plea (at no fault of his own) that voters NOT put their completed mail-in ballots back in the mail. A press release from the CO-SOS office explains, “Several county clerks have expressed concern that the U.S. Postal Service did not deliver their ballots in a timely manner. Those ballots that are filled out and mailed are, for the most part, sent to the USPS’s sorting center in Denver, and then returned to the county clerks. That’s why the Secretary of State’s office is recommending ballots be hand-delivered rather than mailed to ensure they are received by Election Day.”

    If you’re a Colorado voter and aren’t sure where your new drop location is, this official website offers an interactive, statewide map to point you in the right direction.


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    Elderly Chinatown voters the target of new voter fraud allegations by and against Democrats

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    “Misusing the Voting Rights Act”


    Fox News Channel; America's Newsroom w/Bill Hemmer-Martha MacCallum

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    30th of October 2015
  • A systematic organization of harvesting ballots

    Democrats love to pretend that voter fraud doesn’t exist, until they become victims of fraud themselves. In this case, as is often the case, fellow Democrats are implicated, accused of stealing ballots from elderly Chinese voters.

    The Asian Pacific Democratic Club, which is endorsing incumbent Supervisor Julie Christensen, filed a voter fraud complaint after at least 25 elderly voters in a Chinatown housing project said their ballots were filled out or taken by women supporting challenger Aaron Peskin, a former Supervisor and past president of the San Francisco Democratic Party Central Committee.

    Voter fraud investigations aren’t new to Chinatown. In 2011, supporters of Democrat Mayor Ed Lee “were videotaped filling out people’s ballots with a stencil. ‘The common thread here is there’s a systematic organization of harvesting ballots in these nonprofit buildings.’”

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    True the Vote
    28th of October 2015
  • A police officer is charged with committing voter fraud in an effort to help his father get elected to city council, state police say. Officer Lowell Ross Colen, 42, faces 13 felony counts in connection with the Ohio County primary election last May… Colen’s father, Frances, won the primary and is running for one of five seats in the November general election.

    Mug Shots-IN-ColenIN-Rising Sun voter fraud

    According to Indiana State Police, a four-month investigation that began in June revealed Colen filled out absentee voter applications and ballots for people who weren’t eligible to vote in the county. He allegedly forged signatures on some documents and turned them in to the Ohio County Clerk’s Office, ISP said.

    Earlier this month in Indiana, a federal grand jury indicted Sullivan County councilman Max Judson on multiple voter fraud charges related to the May 2014 Democrat primary election.  Judson, who won that primary by just 18 votes, admitted to the FBI that he illegally assisted at least 15 voters.  According to the complaint, “JUDSON stated that on nearly all of these occasions, JUDSON either told these Voters how they should vote or which bubbles to fill in on their ballots. JUDSON admitted that he knew his conduct to be wrong, and that as a candidate he should not have been involved in the voting process.”

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    True the Vote
    27th of October 2015

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