• Two years in prison is the sentence for Olivia Reynolds, the girlfriend of Dothan, Alabama City Commissioner Amos Newsome who was convicted on 24 counts of felony absentee ballot fraud in the 2013 election Newsome “won” by 14 votes.

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    17th of September 2015
  • Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski Joins the National Anti-Voter ID Movement

    Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski is now a card-carrying member of the anti-voter ID crowd thanks to her newly inked cosponsorship of S. 1659, the Voting Rights Advancement Act. Feel like you’ve seen this movie before? You have – only this time, it’s worse. During the 113th Congress, Wisconsin Congressman and legacy shopper James Sensenbrenner carried the Voting Rights Amendment Act to assist progressive activists’ cause in nullifying the Shelby County v. Holder decision, striking down outdated coverage formulas for DOJ preclearance. As you know, the preclearance regime was responsible for blocking voter ID laws and even racially gerrymandering voting district maps. Rep. Sensenbrenner’s old fix was advertised to have voter ID carve-outs, but True the Vote and others didn’t buy it. This week, Sen. Murkowski signed her name to an even more radical bill, which specifically targets voter ID laws (to the extent that even Rep. Sensenbrenner is unwilling to play ball this time). On cue, progressive media scribes have hailed her move, as she became the first Republican to cosponsor the bill. 

    The Alaskan’s reasons for backing the bill are half-baked, at best. Murkowski’s official press release makes two locally focused justifications.

    Justification 1: Without the VRAA 2.0, Alaska Natives will not be ensured of fair access to minority-language ballots.

    • Fact 1: Currently, thanks to Section 203 of the law, the Voting Rights Act specifically protects Alaskan Natives by requiring the Inupiat, Yup’ik and Alaskan Athabascan language minority groups be protected. Filipino and Spanish-descendent voters receive the same services in specific jurisdictions of the state as well. Hypothetically, the State of Alaska’s failure to comply with this statute can lead to lawsuits from voters or the DOJ without the bill in the Senate. This justification by Sen. Murkowski is a moot point.

    Justification 2: Without VRAA 2.0, Alaskans cannot be assured that polling places and ballot access will be protected for rural voters.

    • Fact 2: Throughout the entirety of the old preclearance regime from 1965 to 2013, Alaska had one of the lowest objection rates among all the covered states. While Murkowski may try to harken back to times where remote polling locations were to be potentially closed due to lack of manpower to run them, modern voting technology now allows Alaskans to participate with ease. Residents are able to participate via mail, online or facsimile.
    • Bonus Fact 3: There’s a sweetheart deal in this for Alaska. Under the old preclearance regime, the entire state had to play a game of  ‘mother may I?’ with the Justice Department. However, VRAA 2.0 would exempt much of the state up front. This fact is shamelessly trumpeted in Murkowski’s own release.  

    So what can you do? It’s simple really – light up Senator Murkowski’s phones and email inboxes. Regardless of where you live in this country, Murkowski’s sweetheart deal could affect your rights as a voter. Remind Murkowski’s staff of the facts above, and demand that she remove her name from S. 1659. Click here to send an email. Then, take the time to call each of her office locations, too.


    The Election Integrity Project of California Needs To Hear from YOU

    Did you know that in California there is a full-service voter-integrity organization working with True the Vote? Did you know that they’ve managed to get the ear of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to address rampant voting issues in the state? Right now and until September 28, the Election Integrity Project of California is seeking testimony from Golden State voters who have experienced difficulties or issues of concern at the polling place -- or at any point in the voting process. To date, the state is not compliant with federal election laws like the Help America Vote Act, and that pain is felt directly by local residents. The Commission’s Advisory Committee researching the issues in California must hear from citizens if they are to fully understand the negative impact this lack of compliance is having on the California voters.

    Want to know just how bad it has become? EIP-California recently published a report detailing local issues here.  So, if you have a personal story to share or know someone who does, EIP of California wants to help you. Click here to learn the steps to document your experiences with the local group. Time is of the essence – please don’t delay.


    Sign Up for TTV’s Fall Lunch & Learn Series

    This September, True the Vote has scheduled two conference calls featuring nationally renowned experts in the election integrity and political law fields. On September 22, Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakovsky will walk us through how the Voting Rights Act (currently enjoying its 50th anniversary) should be enforced in the 21st Century. On September 29, Public Interest Legal Foundation General Counsel J. Christian Adams will take us inside the fight against bloated voter rolls across the country. All start times are Noon CDT. Sign up now; space is limited! (NOTE: The previously announced September 15 call with Cleta Mitchell, Political Law Attorney at Foley & Lardner LLP, is being rescheduled for later in the fall due to an emergent scheduling conflict.)


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    Alabama voter fraud fallout: Dothan commissioners call for Newsome to resign after third campaign worker convicted

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    11th of September 2015
  • “Three words – integrity, integrity, integrity.”

    The Dothan Eagle reports:

    “Three Dothan city commissioners are calling for the resignation of District 2 Commissioner Amos Newsome after a third worker from Newsome’s most recent commission campaign was convicted of voter fraud.”

    Newsome himself hasn’t been charged with any crime, but fellow commissioners believe Newsome’s continued presence “could lead to a lack of confidence from voters toward the commission as a whole.”

    District 1 Commissioner Kevin Dorsey: “Three words – integrity, integrity, integrity… We have to have integrity on the commission as a whole to serve the people.”

    District 4 Commissioner John Ferguson:  “It’s obvious to me now, whether Newsome knew or not, that a substantial number of absentee ballots that were counted in his favor are in fact, invalid. As a result, Commissioner Newsome has to go.”

    District 6 Commissioner Hamp Baxley: “I am concerned about the sanctity of the election process. If there were illegal votes cast, then Mr. Newsome should consider stepping aside.”

    Earlier this week, campaign worker Olivia Reynolds was convicted on 24 counts of felony absentee ballot fraud in Newsome’s 2013 election, which was decided by just 14 votes.

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    True the Vote
    5th of September 2015

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