“Democrats Push for Automatic Voter Registration”

11th of November 2015

Of course they do.  Democrat operatives view “automatic” voter registration as a political “game changer” that benefits Democrat politicians.

That’s why Democrats like the former Obama campaign aides behind the group iVotes are organizing “a multimillion-dollar push to expand automatic voter registration.”

Yet aside from the fact that registering to vote is already easy, iVotes’ argument that automatically registering people when they apply for driver’s licenses or identification cards will help unregistered Americans who are “disproportionately poor, young and minority” is particularly odd coming from the crowd that claims these same Americans can’t get driver’s licenses or identification cards for voter ID purposes.

In any case, the effort may be another disappointing waste of millions for Democrat donors, as iVotes Director Jeremy Bird was also the brains behind Battleground Texas and its abortive attempt to elect Democrat Wendy Davis as Governor and “turn Texas blue.”


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