Alabama voter fraud fallout: Dothan commissioners call for Newsome to resign after third campaign worker convicted

5th of September 2015

“Three words – integrity, integrity, integrity.”

The Dothan Eagle reports:

“Three Dothan city commissioners are calling for the resignation of District 2 Commissioner Amos Newsome after a third worker from Newsome’s most recent commission campaign was convicted of voter fraud.”

Newsome himself hasn’t been charged with any crime, but fellow commissioners believe Newsome’s continued presence “could lead to a lack of confidence from voters toward the commission as a whole.”

District 1 Commissioner Kevin Dorsey: “Three words – integrity, integrity, integrity… We have to have integrity on the commission as a whole to serve the people.”

District 4 Commissioner John Ferguson:  “It’s obvious to me now, whether Newsome knew or not, that a substantial number of absentee ballots that were counted in his favor are in fact, invalid. As a result, Commissioner Newsome has to go.”

District 6 Commissioner Hamp Baxley: “I am concerned about the sanctity of the election process. If there were illegal votes cast, then Mr. Newsome should consider stepping aside.”

Earlier this week, campaign worker Olivia Reynolds was convicted on 24 counts of felony absentee ballot fraud in Newsome’s 2013 election, which was decided by just 14 votes.


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