Volunteer force of thousands readies to review 1,000,000+ recall signatures

January 20, 2012, Houston, TX - The integrity of Wisconsin elections is on the verge of implosion, as United Wisconsin’s coordinated effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker has purportedly led to the submission of more than 1,000,000 petition signatures; leaving the overseer of Wisconsin elections, the Government Accountability Board, with a mountain of data in need of verification and no clear capability to conduct an audit of such scale. Unwilling to allow the abandonment of due process, True the Vote, together with Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty and We the People of the Republic, launched Verify the Recall, an effort to engage citizens in an independent, comprehensive audit of recall petition signatures. To date, this unprecedented effort has inspired more than 9,000 citizens to sign on, all ready to serve as the nation’s largest all-volunteer data entry army.

True the Vote, a nonpartisan election integrity organization based in Houston, Texas, is providing the technology required to process and examine the approximately 1,000,000 names. “Americans intuitively understand what the implications are if government can not or will not uphold its responsibility of election oversight.” said True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht. “True the Vote was founded to provide a coordinated program through which American citizens can participate in the support of free and fair elections. The response to the Verify the Recall effort is a clear indication of our citizenry’s willingness to support the rights of legitimate voters.”

Currently, the Wisconsin GAB is planning to undertake an audit of very limited scope, relying on optical scanning software to identify signature abnormalities. This plan stands in stark contrast to Verify the Recall’s effort, which will engage volunteers in entering all signature data, submit each line to a triple blind accuracy check,and inspect for duplicates, omissions, ineligibilities, forgery, and fraud. Tim Dake, co-founder of Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty, said “We’ve recently learned that the GAB will attempt to use automated scanners. We applaud their efforts, but make no mistake, their process will not produce anywhere near the results ours will. There is no comparison between a scanner and thousands of Americans working to uphold our most sacred of processes.”

Last week, Verify the Recall revved its engine with a trial run, undertaking an audit of the 2011 recall petition effort involving Wisconsin State Senator Dan Kapanke. Within a few days, Verify volunteers had entered over 125,000 records, the results of which proved very telling. Nearly 500 signatures were accepted by the GAB that, upon closer inspection, should have been omitted because they were outside of the acceptable date range for the petition. More disturbing however, was that of the approximately 21,000 names in the petition, over 9,000 should have been challenged based on everything from illegibility to non-existent addresses. These types of errors would likely never be caught by a scanning system alone.

Recently, speculation has swirled regarding the standing of Verify the Recall and the permissibility of their findings for purposes of challenge. “It is unconscionable to think that legitimate citizen challenges would not be accepted by the Wisconsin GAB”, said We the People of the Republic founder Ross Brown, “Our legal counsel is examining all options, but regardless of what is determined, we are proceeding with the audit. If the GAB will not accept our findings, we believe the public will still be very interested to learn what we
uncover. We encourage people to get involved with Verify the Recall. This is our republic in action. ”

The leaders of the Verify the Recall effort a planning a press conference for next Tuesday, January 24th, in the rotunda of Wisconsin’s capitol, where they will announce in greater detail the full scope of their historic effort.


HOUSTON, TX – At 8:30 AM, on Friday, January 20, TRUE THE VOTE will rally at the TD Arena (College of Charleston) 301 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC. The rally is open to fellow patriots and will highlight the injustice of the Obama administration in invalidating a law requiring voters in South Carolina to present photo ID. Naturally, Attorney General Eric Holder invoked the race card to justify his stance—fortunately, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is promising to fight back. The need for this sort of law couldn’t be any clearer, with voter fraud taking place just the other week in New Hampshire’s primary!

True The Vote, a grass roots voter integrity project staffed by volunteers, has invited Anita MonCrief, well-known as the ACORN whistleblower to speak at the event. MonCrief points out that ACORN is back and involved in these efforts, certainly opposing these laws due to its well-established record of promoting voter fraud.

“Photo Voter ID is supported by more than 70% of all Americans and has huge support here in South Carolina” said True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht. “Attorney General Eric Holder’s race obsessed tunnel vision is denying South Carolinians their right to improve the integrity of their elections.”

“The Obama administration and liberal groups are standing in the way of meaningful reform to prevent voter fraud—all under the guise of “preventing racism.” Obviously, these individuals and groups don’t want to prevent fraud because, very simply, it benefits them in elections!”, says Anita Moncrief’s

After a successful rally in Austin, TX, True the Vote has also invited local chapters Frederick Douglass Foundation and former NAACP chapter leader CL Bryant who will be on hand to wave their photo ID’s and prevent those who wish to divide us from using the race card.

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