Watchdog questions the motives of lobbyist who was convicted of election fraud felonies in Nevada

HOUSTON, TX. April 16, 2013True the Vote (TTV), the leading national, voters’ rights and election integrity organization, today submitted a letter to Texas House Elections Committee members that refutes recent false criticisms of proposals regarding early voting, roll maintenance and polling place security.

“It’s a sad state of affairs when an activist with more than a dozen voter fraud convictions, Amy Busefink, represents organizations that violated Texas Election Codes against the proposals that could prevent similar illegal behavior in the future. If you’ve ever wondered why voter ID and other integrity measures became so popular across all demographics, look no further,” Engelbrecht argued.

“Texans are greatly concerned about the process in which our elections are executed. We must ensure that this debate does not become convoluted with misleading information from questionable sources, including convicted felons from other states,” said True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht.

In an April 16, 2013 letter to Texas House Elections Committee members, True the Vote defended the merits of HB2093, which was pulled from debate after receiving harsh criticism for its goal of shortening the early voting period. Engelbrecht said the bill would have improved the overall voting experience and addressed the issue of long lines at the polls: “Had this body considered this legislation further, county governments could have used budgetary savings to open more locations or provide better incentives for [poll worker] recruitment.”

True the Vote also responded to claims against HB2372, which would allow Texas to participate in interstate cross-referencing of voter rolls to correct duplicate registrations. “This bill takes an affirmative step to ensure that duplicate voter registrations are addressed across state lines. Recent Pew analysis found that an estimated 2.75 million Americans are registered [to vote] in more than one state,” wrote Engelbrecht in the letter on behalf of True the Vote, which is based in Houston, TX. Federal law requires that election officials remove all dead, duplicate and ineligible voters from the rolls regularly. Currently, more than 20 states are working together to verify that the voter rolls are updated.

True the Vote’s letter also addressed concerns raised against HB2848, allowing for video surveillance of voting locations. Engelbrecht argued, “This law would give law enforcement the ability to better investigate and prosecute voter intimidation or illegal campaigning within protected areas.”

True the Vote responded to a letter submitted to Texas legislators from political interest groups such as ACORN spin-off Project Vote, NAACP, SEIU, AFL-CIO and others.

To read TTV’s full letter submitted to the Texas House Election Committee today, click here.


RE: HB2093, HB2372 and HB2848 (Texas) by True The Vote



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