"http://m.themonitor.com/news/local/records-voters-registered-for-hidalgo-election-with-questionable-address/article_322e3d3e-cc1d-11e3-a696-0017a43b2370.html?mode=jqm"> face="Verdana">Inaccurate voter rolls in Texas:


Early voting starts Monday for May 10 local elections in Texas, historically low-turnout affairs – which makes the “questionable” voters on
Hidalgo’s voter rolls problematic.


Judging by Hidalgo County Elections Department records, 36 registered voters live at 501 N. Bridge St. It’s
not an apartment complex, though — the address belongs to the American Postal Center…


While the 36 people rent Hidalgo addresses from the American Postal Center, where they actually live remains a mystery. Regardless, they remain
registered for the upcoming City Council election, representing a half-percent of Hidalgo’s nearly 6,200 registered voters…


Problems with registered voters at the American Postal Center aren’t anything new, said Elections Administrator Yvonne Ramon, and similar
situations exist throughout Hidalgo County. On May 20, 2013, the Elections Department referred information about registered voters at the American Postal Center to the Hidalgo County District
Attorney’s Office. Nothing happened…


District Attorney Rene Guerra said he wasn’t familiar with the American Postal Center situation and would have to review the Texas Election
Code. “Now, if it’s illegal, we’ll jump all over it,” Guerra said.


Politico Magazine interviews the speech regulator - Al Gore.
  He even inserted the Koch brothers as a boogeyman.  Gore is a multi-millionaire pointing fingers at "Big Money" yet he plans to spend $300 million in issue advocacy on climate change.

PM: Define the political tipping point. Is that a moment in American politics?
AG: Every issue is paralyzed now because our democracy has been hacked and we’re suffering from what some have called demosclerosis.Big money is now at toxic levels.

...PM: Sen. John McCain supported cap and trade but backed away from it when President Obama was elected. He had his primary that he was thinking about in 2010.
AG: Hello! The Koch brothers and the others who operate the way they do have worked overtime to put fear in the hearts of Republicans that if they as much as breathe a favorable breath about
solving the climate crisis they’re going to get a well-financed primary opponent. And so they’re all running scared. And this is part of the hacking of American democracy. Money. Big money has
paralyzed American democracy to a shocking extent. Now it can change. And it will change.


Efforts by campaign finance reformers to limit the flow of money into the campaign finance system have not just failed, they have instead diverted that flow into unaccountable side streams.
Now, true reformers should acknowledge that McCutcheon could well bring a larger percentage of political spending into the sunlight, rather than bemoan it as the latest decision signaling the end of
America’s democracy.


"Sanity prevailed"

The Baltimore Sun reports
on the Board’s decision:

[T]he State Board of Elections refused to move forward with part of the plan amid fears it would open the door to widespread fraud...


"Sanity prevailed," said Michael Greenberger, a University of Maryland law professor and founder of its Center for Health and Homeland
Security. "If this system had been adopted, Maryland would have had a voting system that was the most subject to fraud in the country."

Board members were
“troubled by an IT security assessment conducted for the state by a firm that has never performed Internet security tests on election systems” and “didn’t
study voter fraud risks at the front end of the voting system where ballots are requested online.”


A federal judge on Thursday reluctantly struck down New York's limits on donations to independent political action committees as unconstitutional, potentially ushering in a new era of "super
PACs" in state campaigns.  


Tampa Tribune Online (TBO) reports on how partisan Democrats were behind a
lawsuit and so-called non-political redistricting maps submitted to the Court:

Court documents and emails that are part of the redistricting lawsuit show that the map was drawn and paid for by Democratic consultants in consultation with the Florida Democratic Party,
which is no longer involved in the lawsuit.

...Days after the meeting, that map was submitted into evidence as an alternative plan as part of the lawsuit. The suit was officially filed by groups including the League of Women Voters of
Florida and the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic civil rights group.

Plaintiffs in the case argue that congressional maps passed by lawmakers in 2012 are political documents that violate Amendment 6, one of the so-called “Fair District” amendments passed by
voters in 2010. The amendments were an attempt to remove politics from the redistricting process by no longer allowing new maps to explicitly “favor or disfavor a political party.”

..The lawsuit is being bankrolled by the National Democratic Redistricting Trust, which was created in 2009 to “provide legal support for Democratic redistricting programs,” according to its
website. It’s the group leading the lawsuit.  “Final say would … come from recommendations from the attorneys, and it would go through the Trust,” said Brian Smoot, the trust’s director, during
a 2013 deposition taken as part of the case.


Link to stories here and "http://kansasfirstnews.com/2014/04/24/federal-lawsuit-challenging-voter-ids-dropped/" target="" class="">here. ...

The New York Times reports on voter fraud  in
Afghanistan but refuses to admit it can happen in the United States. ...

The House next month plans to vote to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt for her refusal to testify before Congress about the targeting of Tea Party groups, Majority Leader Eric
Cantor (R-Va.) told his colleagues in a memo Friday.

Link to the Hill. ...

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