I’ve been humbled by your support over the last eight years, but rarely in the way I was last week, following the release of my video detailing the treachery of the U.S. Department of Justice in our lawsuit against the IRS. The outpouring of emotional messages and calls to stand strong reminded me why we must continue to fight against the weaponization of the IRS. We are all in this together.


It was bad enough to learn that the IRS had continued to target True the Vote while their lawyers stood in Federal Court promising the Judge they would never do it again. Now swamp-politics is hitting a new low, with the current DOJ lawyers having deceived us in settlement discussions. There is no way we are going to remain silent about what they’ve done.


People have asked so many questions about what’s happening in our case against the IRS. I made this new video not only to answer those questions, but to provide some guidance on how you can help.



2018 may well be the most pivotal election cycle in our lifetime. Election integrity has never been more important. We want to get out of court and back to supporting voters’ rights - but, we cannot allow the DOJ to claim victory for the IRS! We cannot allow the IRS to pretend the lawsuits had no impact and therefore claim they don’t have to respect our Consent Decree. We cannot stay silent while they block our petition to recoup attorneys’ fees after they continually delayed court proceedings and ran up True the Vote’s legal tab to nearly $2,000,000.


President Trump and all of Congress should hear about this - and we have an opportunity to tell them before it’s too late - with your help. Here are quick links to contact the President, the White House, and your Congressman - please, let them hear from you!


To contact President Trump, tweet him at @realDonaldTrump (be sure to include #TruetheVote) or call his office at 202-456-1111 To contact the US Capitol switchboard call 202-224-3121 for the House of Representatives and 202-225-3121 for the Senate.


We have until April 12th to file our final response in the IRS case, so look for more updates from us in the coming days!



Department of Justice Argues in Favor of Lois Lerner and Paves the Way for Future Abuse

HOUSTON, TX - March 29, 2018 - In a stunning turn of events involving the True the Vote v. IRS lawsuit, Department of Justice attorneys, representing the Internal Revenue Service, have filed a strident opposition to True the Vote’s petition for consideration of fees, claiming victory for the IRS! Despite wholesale admissions of wrongdoing by the IRS and findings by the D.C. District Court that such wrongdoing is unlawful and unconstitutional, the DOJ now claims that conservative groups’ lawsuits did nothing to change the behavior of the Internal Revenue Service.


In the filing, the Department of Justice makes the following claims on behalf of the IRS:


  • all conservative groups lost
  • the IRS is legally free to resume its discriminatory practices targeting conservative groups
  • the IRS’s five-year legal battle against conservative groups was justified


It is impossible to distinguish the Trump DOJ’s arguments from the Obama DOJ’s actions that led to this litigation battle in the first place. (Full IRS filing can be found here). In this video, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht responds to the IRS’s outrageous denial of wrongdoing:



“The Trump Administration is defending the IRS’s targeting of American citizens? How is that possible?”, said Ms. Engelbrecht, “After all the Congressional hearings, all the courtroom drama, all the stump speeches decrying what happened and promising ‘Never Again!’; Mr. President, if you want to make America great again, then with all due respect, start by cleaning house in two agencies that have gone completely off the rails. End IRS abuse, hold rogue agents accountable, and stop the DOJ’s games. We are citizens, not subjects, and we will not be silenced.”


True the Vote will file their final response with the court on April 12, 2018. They remain hopeful US District Judge Reggie Walton will issue a decision that sets the record straight and holds the IRS accountable for their unlawful actions.


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