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In a May 17 commencement speech at Morgan State University, Attorney General Eric Holder once again dismissed the problem of voter fraud as being inconsequential. Efforts to curb it, he claimed,
are merely attempts to deprive minorities of their right to vote.

It's not just that Holder personally persists in ignoring the many cases of such fraud that have been documented by historians and journalists. His entire Justice Department studiously ignores
evidence of possible fraud and steadfastly refuses to do anything about it. I know this from personal experience.

From 2010 to until 2013, I served on the Fairfax County Electoral Board in Virginia. In August 2011, we notified the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia in
Alexandria, as well as the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department (which coordinates election crime prosecutions) in Washington, of possible voter fraud by



Voter fraud is any attempt to illegally compromise our election system. Some examples include: phony voter registrations, fake absentee ballots, illegally trying to manipulate voters on Election Day, and theft of ballots.

What can I do about it?

The one best way to combat voter fraud is through citizen involvement. True the Vote trains, equips, and supports citizen activists to help spot, report, and stop voter fraud. We encourage citizens to volunteer at the polls to observe the election process and report irregularities. You can make a difference in keeping our elections free and fair.

Details at "http://www.newamericancivilrightsproject.org/2014/05/24/obama-administration-ignores-congress-pursues-administrative-akaka-bill/" target="">New American Civil Rights Project. ...

Fraud alters the outcome of an election.

"Heath, Doyle and Cook all changed their residential addresses to 9333 Six Pines Drive – the location of a Residence Inn in The Woodlands – to vote in the 2010 RUD election. They won by a 10-2
margin, but that election was overturned by the incumbents in a lawsuit.

Heath, a resident of The Woodlands, was convicted of illegal voting Nov. 1. The jury decided Heath, 56, knowingly voted in the May 8, 2010, election of the RUD Board of Directors despite not having
permanent residence in the district."


Houston News.

"Jim Crow is popular in the current U.S. Department of Justice, too. Attorney General target="_blank">Eric Holder frequently bashes voter identification laws as examples of Jim Crow. Apparently the nation's highest legal officer cannot distinguish between requiring a photo
ID to confirm an individual's identity and requiring an individual to prove they are descended from people with the “right” skin color.

In any case, Holder refuses to fight Jim Crow in the Pacific. Whether it’s white Confederate descendants or dark-skinned men whose ancestors were from
the politically correct color of the moment, it’s Jim Crow either way."

Washington Examiner



SC elections bill awaits vote in Senate:



The proposal sent Friday to the Senate would create a statewide model for county election boards and give the State Election Commission oversight over them. That new authority could improve elections and ensure everyone’s vote is counted, state elections spokesman Chris Whitmire said…


The proposal would require post-election audits, bolstering what’s already done…


The bill’s authority also would have enabled the state agency to assist Richland County following its long lines of 2012, to formally recommend how to prevent that from happening again, Whitmire said. Voters stood in line for up to six hours because voting machines weren’t properly distributed among the precincts.


“The Nassau County district attorney is investigating the Hempstead school board vote following allegations of voter
fraud and intimidation.

Attorney Frederick Brewington represents school board candidate Maribel Toure, who lost by six votes to longtime incumbent School Board President
Betty Cross. Brewington claims many last-minute absentee ballots, some of which were handwritten, may have been illegal.”


News 12 Long Island has details and video "http://longisland.news12.com/news/hempstead-school-board-vote-ends-up-in-supreme-court-in-mineola-over-fraud-allegations-1.8126593">here
and "Verdana">here.


A federal judge has sided with Orange County and rebuffed claims that elected officials had diluted Hispanic voting power in drawing its new County Commission districts, sources

The voting rights lawsuit was filed against the county by local Hispanic residents and LatinoJustice PRLDEF, a New York City civil rights group

...The plaintiffs alleged that Orange leaders in 2011 crafted new political borders that diluted Hispanic voting strength.

Namely, they point to a District 3 seat that had been held by Hispanics in recent decades. And despite a surge in Latinos countywide during the past 10 years, District 3 actually saw its
percentage of Hispanics drop after redistricting.

Lawyers for Orange County say the new borders actually created two districts — 3 and 4 — where Hispanics now have a shot to win. The districts both now have more than 40 percent Hispanic
populations, a number large enough in the past to elect two different Latinos to District 3, they say.


More on CNMI ruling from "http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/378708/voting-discrimination-struck-down-northern-mariana-islands-doj-nowhere-be-seen-hans" target="">National Review.

"President Barack Obama can brag all he wants about the voting-rights cases his administration has allegedly “taken on.” But here’s a case
conspicuously absent from that bogus list.

Judge Ramona Manglona of the federal district court for the Northern Mariana Islands just threw out a
blatantly unconstitutional provision of the territorial government that strictly limited registration and voting for a referendum to only those “persons of Northern Marianas descent.”



Not all politicians
have to follow the same election laws after all


U.S. Rep. John Conyers on-again, off-again roller coaster ride for the Aug. 5 ballot took a new twist Friday when U.S. District Judge
Matthew Leitman put him back on back on the ballot. His decision, released late Friday, contradicts the Secretary of State’s review of Conyers petition…

Leitman said the signatures from at least two circulators who were found to have not registered properly to vote, a requirement under state law, should be reinstated, giving Conyers enough valid
signatures to be on the ballot.


“There is evidence that their failure to comply with the Registration Statute was the result of good faith mistakes and that they believed
they were in compliance with the statute,” Leitman said in his ruling.



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