Supporting voter-ID laws is common sense for conservatives and all Americans.

Forget the left’s nonsense about conservatives’ supposed “gaffes” and “accidental revelations” of nefarious motives. Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint gets right to the unvarnished truth about why Republicans (and honest Democrats) support – and believe they benefit from – voter ID and other election integrity laws: because they keep dishonest Democrats from cheating.

But the truth here is neither inconvenient nor hard to discern: Voter fraud benefits lawbreakers at the expense of the law-abiding, and eliminating voter fraud naturally benefits the people who follow the rules. And the available evidence suggests those who violate election laws are more likely to be liberals rather than conservatives… an extensive database compiled by the Heritage Foundation shows that the majority of such cases involved Democrats stealing votes… such facts explain why those on the left are so opposed to fighting election fraud — precisely because they benefit from it.


Likewise, Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman’s comment in April that “photo ID is going to make a little bit of a difference as well” in helping a Republican candidate win the White House against a weak Democrat was no “accidental admission” of some nefarious scheme to “suppress” votes, but a reference to preventing Democrat fraud.

Grothman tells Action 2 News the new law may have encouraged more people to vote knowing there was protection against voter fraud… When asked if photo ID isn’t meant to help any particular political party, how would that serve to help the GOP in November as he said, Grothman answered, “Well, you have to wonder why the Democrats are fighting it? I mean, I’m sure there are plenty of Republicans out there who wonder if the reason the Democrat party fights photo ID so much is that they do want to have something wrong to happen… You certainly hear a lot of things, and I’d tell you I’ll feel better next November when we do have photo ID than I have in the past.”

The majority of voters and courts agree that honest elections are worth protecting. As DeMint notes, “Americans recognize that every vote cast illegally — be it by a non-citizen, a felon, or a multiple-voter — negates the vote of a legitimate voter, effectively disenfranchising them,” while multiple Heritage studies “show conclusively that requiring an ID to vote does not keep any legitimate voter out of the polls… The only people deterred by voter-ID laws are ineligible voters or those who cast ballots under false names or in the names of others, living or dead. This is why courts have upheld voter-ID laws in state after state.”

Legislators in Missouri are moving closer to implementing a Voter ID law in the state.

“The House and Senate reached final agreement on HB 1631, which would implement a voter identification requirement if a constitutional amendment is passed by voters in November.”

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