More on the problem of ineligible non-citizens registering and voting, and why “unlike fraudulent voters, non-citizen voters cannot be stopped with voter ID requirements.”

As Adams notes, once states fail to screen out citizenship verification on the application, “the aliens are getting registered to vote when they are getting their photo ID cards!”

A “massive” voter fraud investigation is underway in Tarrant County, Texas as law enforcement officers from the Texas Attorney General’s Office are reportedly on the ground interviewing witnesses to a mail-ballot vote-harvesting scheme alleged to involve as many as 20,000 ballots.

Last month, Texas Scorecard reported that Tarrant County Elections administrator Frank Phillips disclosed the AG’s office had launched a criminal investigation into voting abnormalities inside Tarrant County… sources in Tarrant County have told Texas Scorecard they believe individuals who allegedly abused the mail-in ballot process may have affected the results of multiple races over several election cycles…

The alleged crimes include improperly serving as a witness for multiple voters, forgery and tampering with a governmental record, unlawful possession of a carrier envelope, and improper assistance.

As is usual with ongoing AG investigations, specific details have not yet been made public.

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