Sources on Capitol Hill reveal to ELC that Myrna Perez has withdrawn her name for future consideration to the Election Assistance Commission (EAC).  Republicans have called her the “Bad Apple” of the EAC due to her political extremism and use of exaggerated data in studies coming out of the Brennan Center.  While the nomination has been stalled, it has become the political reality that no activist with such extreme positions on voter ID and citizen verification was going to gain enough votes to be confirmed.  For example, the day the Supreme Court recently upheld the use of the Texas Photo ID law, Perez, the Deputy Director of the non-partisan Brennan Center, put out this noxious statement through Twitter “This is a sad day for Texas, a sad day for democracy.”


This is going to be a different year.

With a 37-33 majority, House Republicans will be able to get a photo voter ID bill through that chamber. The question is what would happen to it upon arrival in the Senate, where Democrats retain a 25-17 voting edge.  Republican Secretary of State Dianna Duran, who made her support of photo voter ID a major theme of her successful re-election campaign, believes there is a chance of Senate approval…

Albuquerque voters in 2005 overwhelmingly approved a photo voter ID requirement for municipal elections.

Democrat Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino repeats the tired refrain that voter ID is “a solution in search of a problem” – he should try telling that to voters whose votes are stolen:

There were two cases of possible voting fraud in last week’s election reported to the Secretary of State’s Office. In both cases, voters said someone else had cast ballots in their names.  Currently, a New Mexico voter has the option of providing an ID at the polls or “self-identifying” by stating his or her name, voter registration address and year of birth.

Hot Air.   But clearly, President Obama is preparing to use Loretta Lynch as a pawn in a larger political game. By picking someone with her professional history and then calling for a “quick timeline for her confirmation” the President is setting up the Republicans for a fight. When they insist that a thorough vetting and debate is called for and should be done by the new Congress selected by the voters, Obama will once again unleash the tired canard about how all the GOP leadership can do is obstruct. This is not a bug in the system, it’s a feature. He’s spoiling for that fight, and from the look of things he will absolutely get it. Nothing has changed since Tuesday. Nothing.

Professor Spencer Overton, who objected to the Carter-Baker Commission endorsement of photo ID.

ABC News:  VOTER ID LAWS:  Under Holder’s leadership, the Justice Department has been challenging laws in states like Texas, Alabama and North Carolina that require voters to provide certain documents to cast a ballot. Holder has argued the so-called “voter ID laws” disproportionately prevent minorities from voting, and some federal courts have agreed.

Lawsuits filed by the Justice Department to block those laws have rankled Republicans. In January, when several judicial nominees were testifying in a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, one of the first questions from Grassley was: “In regard to voter ID, if confirmed, do you plan to allow states to require voters to identify themselves to prevent the fraud that we have seen?”  

Earlier this year, Lynch said federal lawsuits to block voter ID laws “will continue.”

“Fifty years after the march on Washington, 50 years after the civil rights movement, we stand in this country at a time when we see people trying to take back so much of what Dr. [Martin Luther] King fought for,” she said at an event outside New York City celebrating the legacy of King and Nelson Mandela. “But I’m proud to tell you that the Department of Justice has looked at these laws, and looked at what’s happening in the Deep South and in my home state of North Carolina, [and] has brought lawsuits against those voting rights changes that seek to limit our ability to stand up and exercise our rights as citizens.”

Whoever runs the Justice Department next, count on that attorney general to continue Eric Holder’s “corrosive” practice of using government power as a weapon against the Obama administration’s political enemies, former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian Adams told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner on Newsmax TV on Monday.

The second choice nominee, Loretta Lynch, promises to continue the lawsuits against states who enact voting integrity laws.

She continued, “50 years after the march on Washington, 50 years after the civil rights movement, we stand in this country at a time when we see people trying to take back so much of what Dr. King fought for. We stand in this country. People try and take over the State House and reverse the goals that have been made in voting in this country.

“But I’m proud to tell you that the Department of Justice has looked at these laws and looked at what’s happening in the Deep South, and in my home state of North Carolina has brought lawsuits against those voting rights changes that seek to limit out ability to stand up and exercise our rights as citizens. And those lawsuits will continue.”

Link to story.

A look at North Carolina’s Early Voting stats shows that not only did reducing the state’s early voting period from 17 to 10 days not reduce voter turnout, “blacks voted at higher rates than in the 2010 midterms.  Voter suppression, the rallying cry of the left including the NC NAACP, doesn’t appear to have played a part.”

NC Civitas 2014 Early Voting

North Carolina’s State Board of Elections reports that overall turnout for the state’s 2014 general election reached an all-time high, “increasing early participation by over 20% and besting the state’s prior midterm record.”

PJ Media.

“If you were perplexed by President Obama’s post-election comment that he heard the voices “of the two-thirds who didn’t vote,” you can be forgiven.  Normally, American presidents don’t see the electorate through the lens of those who do not participate.  But Obama’s comments reveal a view toward election process rules that is shared by some of the more extreme groups hostile to our democratic republican system of constitutional government.

Let’s decode his comments.

It is a favorite fable among far-left groups like the Advancement Project and Demos that more voters is always good and fewer voters is always bad.  They firmly believe that the path to a progressive policy wonderland is to get everyone with a heartbeat to vote.  This is part of an even older fable that the “system” robs the underclass of power through laws, rules, racist constructs and oppressive societal structures – like having to make the effort to register to vote, for example.

Obama, and his fellow travelers in the election-process world, firmly believe that if only, if only all “barriers” to the ballot were removed, then that progressive-policy wonderland would finally be realized.  Then we’d enjoy the American version of a workers’ paradise, 8.0.

It’s the voices of the two-thirds who didn’t vote that Obama pays more attention to today than the rest of the country who did. When he made his comment, he wasn’t being flip, he was being transparent for a change.

That’s precisely why “voting rights” groups fight to implement election-process changes like same-day registration, vote by mail, felon voting rights and extended early voting. , ,  ,”  Full story at link above.

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