Keeping count of the recounts

Sore losers are never pretty, but bored losers are worse. We should have seen it coming. After all, how complete would this epic 2016 Election be without an epilogue? If you haven’t stayed current with each twist and turn brought forth thanks to Green Party Candidate Jill Stein’s recount tour of the Rust Belt, here’s the latest update from each state.

Wisconsin. By the time you read this, the Badger State’s actual recount will be roughly 75 percent complete and on track to finish on December 12. Stein’s $3.5 million exercise has left the status of the tabulation virtually unchanged. Historically, recounts will lead to increased vote totals for each major candidate for a myriad of reasons. No big deal. As all candidates see more votes in a recount, the question becomes: will a trailing party see so many new ballots that they overtake the leader? The numbers lay out thusly: Trump received 410 new votes, compared to Clinton’s 492 (allowing her to cut 82 votes into the overall margin of victory). Stein picked up 60, for a rate of $58,000 per vote! She probably would have been better off working on her graffiti skills in North Dakota.

Michigan. The hand recount of 4.8 million votes was halted after U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith found that "there is no basis" for him to allow the effort to continue --especially after a state appellate court ruled unanimously that it should have never happened. Unlike Wisconsin, the MI recount would have been paid for by the taxpayers. Republican figureheads warned that the total price tag could have landed around $5 million.

Pennsylvania. This one never really got off the ground for a variety of reasons. But the final nail in the coffin was the Green Party’s decision to drop the statewide lawsuit that would have triggered the recount.

Former ICE Agent: Yeah, noncitizens are found as registered voters a lot

Major discussions in 2017 will center on: 1) the true impact of noncitizen voting, and 2) how the nation can stop it. One former immigration officer doesn’t pull any punches concerning how bad the problem is. Retired U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Claude Arnold noted in a recent Fox News interview that during his career, he “routinely” found voter registration cards on the 1,000 plus individuals he apprehended beyond the border. Arnold summed up the problem of noncitizen voting this way: “it’s easy to do it and it’s being done.”

Voter fraud flips another election…

Hate to say we told you so, but that’s kind of part of our job. An election in south Texas has been ruled for a do-over after an absentee ballot fraud claim was made in a local court. The original vote count decided the winner of a Hidalgo City Council seat by six votes. Local news outlets report that the mulligan will occur in March 2017.

Check out our ‘living’ Election Crimes Database

If you’ve been poking around the TTV website lately, we hope you noticed a new feature at the top: the Election Crimes Database. This valuable tool has been specially created by True the Vote to serve as a “living” resource for engaged voters to research election crimes in their various forms -- either close to home or across the nation. Start taking a look around. Do us a favor and let us know if you see an incident that should be added to this active and dynamic database!

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