All states have election processes. What is less commonly known is that counties and county equivalents have their own processes, too. Now, with all of the recent changes to U.S. elections, it is more challenging than ever to figure out how to serve. This is a project to crowdsource local information about how to become an election worker. As information comes in, we will validate and post online in a shareable spreadsheet.

How Can You Help? We’re glad you asked!

You can help us by choosing your county in the form below calling your local election administrator, and getting answers to the questions shown after clicking the ‘next’ button on the form.

Script: Hi! I’d like to be an election worker and I’m calling to find out the best ways to get involved. May I ask you a few questions or is there someone else I should be speaking with?

(Note: for certain positions you may be directed to call the political party or candidate of your choice. You can find party contact information here)

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