The best way to ensure free, fair, and accessible elections is through more citizen engagement. However, with all of the recent changes to U.S. elections, it is more challenging than ever to figure out how to serve. All states have election processes. What is less commonly known is that counties and county equivalents have their own processes, too. The steps below will guide you through the process of signing up to become an election worker through your county.

Right now, America faces severe challenges with staffing of election workers. Recruiting poll workers is often a challenge for many election officials across the country has made this need even more critical. Despite many states expanding access to an unsecure vote-by-mail option, millions of Americans – especially voters who lack reliable mail service – will continue to rely on in-person voting to cast a ballot. With True the Vote, you can make sure you are not simply voting, but that you are helping others.

If you are able and willing to serve, please see below to 1) find your county information to sign up to work the polls 2) call your county to confirm 3) and let us know if you plan to serve.


You can start by finding your county below to pull up information about your local election administrator. Election staff and volunteers are recruited and overseen by the local election authority, which should provide information and training to poll workers in advance of Election Day. Keep in mind, states and counties across the country are changing election processes constantly, so the second step of calling your county will be important.


Find your county information

Use the form below to find the contact details for your county, as well as information about how to submit your election worker application.

Your County


Call Your County

Don’t just stop at submitting your election worker application. Call your county to confirm it was received and any next steps. It’s often difficult to find answers, so while you’re on the phone, you may also want to ask your county election officials for answers to the following questions:

  • Where do you need the most help?
  • What are the available positions?
  • What is the deadline to apply?
  • Who counts the ballots?
  • Can citizens participate in the counts?
  • How are signatures verified on mail-in or absentee ballots?
  • What is the chain of custody for ballot boxes?
  • Are ballot boxes emptied nightly?
  • Where are the counted ballots stored?
  • Who has access to the counted ballots?
  • Are audits performed by both parties to verify ballot counts?


We want to hear from you! Let us know that you called your county so we can keep track.

  • By submitting your contact information, you may receive occasional digital or SMS communications from True the Vote.