Elderly Chinatown voters the target of new voter fraud allegations by and against Democrats

28th of October 2015

A systematic organization of harvesting ballots

Democrats love to pretend that voter fraud doesn’t exist, until they become victims of fraud themselves. In this case, as is often the case, fellow Democrats are implicated, accused of stealing ballots from elderly Chinese voters.

The Asian Pacific Democratic Club, which is endorsing incumbent Supervisor Julie Christensen, filed a voter fraud complaint after at least 25 elderly voters in a Chinatown housing project said their ballots were filled out or taken by women supporting challenger Aaron Peskin, a former Supervisor and past president of the San Francisco Democratic Party Central Committee.

Voter fraud investigations aren’t new to Chinatown. In 2011, supporters of Democrat Mayor Ed Lee “were videotaped filling out people’s ballots with a stencil. ‘The common thread here is there’s a systematic organization of harvesting ballots in these nonprofit buildings.’”


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