04102020 NM Update

Hello Everyone and Happy Easter!See below for quick update on what happened this week in the New Mexico case. To all of the concerned citizens who've contacted us from other states where lawsuits have been filed to restrict voters' rights - thank you, we are with you! To all of you who have generously supported us - thank you! Every dollar is being immediately deployed to efforts on the ground and in the courts!To all of you who've contacted us to volunteer, thank you!  We are working to put together local election integrity teams or connect you with existing state groups doing great work. Please be patient with us as all this comes together! More news to follow on many fronts.....Onward - Catherine 


UPDATE: True the Vote Fights Against Court-Controlled Mail-in Elections

On November 8th, an amicus brief was filed on behalf of concerned New Mexico voters in a lawsuit where 27 county clerks and the Secretary of State, without opposition, request the Supreme Court of New Mexico to order that the June 2 primary election occur by mail-in ballot only and eliminate in-person and absentee ballot voting. This strategic move by democrats would remove all voter fraud protections provided in in-person and absentee voting. The government officials based their entire request on the national health crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus. The New Mexico voters file their brief to assert their fundamental right to vote under the State and Federal Constitution---including the right to not have one’s vote diluted by votes of illegal voters. The voters argue that the Supreme Court should decline the request of undoing all current election laws and instead protect the integrity of the state’s primary elections from voter fraud and preserve the rights of every eligible and registered voter. An election conducted via mail-in ballot, as proposed in New Mexico, would strip away substantial protections against voter fraud contained in procedures for in-person voting and absentee ballots and would all but ensure an election fraught with both ballot fraud and vote harvesting. Under this scheme, the legal safeguards that are attendant to in-person and absentee voting would be dispensed with entirely. These politicians assert that there is no alternative to their proposal that would not endanger the public health or prevent New Mexicans from exercising their right to vote. Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote, the organization funding the voters efforts in fighting the lawsuit, remarks: “These government officials are spearheading a nationally concerted effort by a radicalized Deep State to dispense with any notion of fairness in elections. True the Vote and our allies are on the front lines to fight for voters and preserve our state election laws.”James Bopp, Jr., of The Bopp Law Firm PC, lead counsel for the New Mexican Voters, and General Counsel for True the Vote, says: “There are national implications for voters nationwide. There is no precedent for such an extraordinary relief. Should these Democrat politicians succeed here, it would create a precedent for other state courts to follow in New Mexico’s footsteps and to impose similarly unprotected and unrestricted voting procedures though the nearly unlimited equitable power of the courts.”

A full copy of the amicus brief may be found here