041520 New Mexico


Great news!!

Last night the New Mexico Supreme Court unanimously rejected a petition to mandate statewide mail-in voting! The Supreme Court voted to prohibit the Secretary of State and county clerks from sending every registered voter a mail-in ballot for the scheduled June 2 primary.  In keeping with existing state code, the Court directed all county clerks to mail absentee ballot applications to all registered voters. Voters will have to complete those ballot applications and send them into their county clerk’s office in order to receive an absentee ballot in the mail.We won! It was an honor and a privilege to represent voters of New Mexico in a case that was started in NM, but was the tip of the spear in a national effort to force universal mail-in voting.When the citizens of New Mexico reached out to True The Vote, there was no opposition in place to stop the Emergency Petition.  Within days, we assembled a legal team and put together a 59-page brief that was used as the core document in court arguments. The outcome was the court decided it didn’t have a role in controlling elections and it should stay within the bounds of the state constitution.This ruling is a victory for all Americans. Government cannot be allowed to run roughshod over the Constitutional rights of American citizens.A full copy of the TTV brief can be found here. 


THANK YOU to everyone who stepped boldly into the fight!  Thanks to the amazing patriots in New Mexico who reached out us! Thanks also to our General Counsel Jim Bopp, local counsel Melanie Rhodes, and the team they assembled in lightning speed to put together a 59-page brief that became central in the arguments and made clear we would take up the issue in Federal Court if necessary. NM GOP Attorney Carter Harrison and team also did a great job with their brief and presentation!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who follows True the Vote and supports our work. Please keep it up!  We are a small organization and dependent on individual contributions to remain standing!We’re all in this together...and my friends, with your help, we’re just getting started. 

Onward!Catherine EngelbrechtTrue the Vote