Anatomy of a Political Hit: Exposing the Targeting of True the Vote

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This week, a series of negative articles were published about True the Vote, with headlines like ‘True the Vote Tells Court It Has No Records To Back Up Georgia Fraud Claims, from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, ‘The Final Repudiation of 2000 Mules’, from the Washington Post, ‘Conservative Group Tells Judge It Has No Evidence To Back Its Claims of GA Ballot Stuffing’ from the Associated Press …. the list goes on and on.

What you are seeing is an organized hit. Propagandist media outlets synchronized for the strike took a single court document filed by TTV in December of 2023, found a useful angle, twisted it entirely out of context, and spun it into an explosively negative narrative. With no outreach to True the Vote for comment, they published their prewritten parroting in a massive coordinated drop.

But that’s only the press. They’re just one tactic used in an orchestrated strike. Other tactics, which we are very accustomed to but don’t often talk about, involve obscene, threatening emails, texts, and calls to True the Vote and directly to me, a barrage of negative social media, attacks on our websites, and attacks on my homestead that I’ll not describe here at this time.

Why? There are various reasons: to distract from the spectacle of Fani Willis’ testimony, and this week’s ethics committee hearing in Georgia on the abysmal state of their voter rolls, and GA Sec of State Raffensberger’s professional failures and newfound alignment with the Left, and the Georgia 2020- 2023 timeline we published on Open.Ink, and our recent victory over Fair Fight, and because we are continuing to expose election subversion and continuing to fight in defense of election integrity, and because of our 2024 plans, and because our work supports voters’ rights and helps We the People, not the machine. So be it.

True the Vote stands firmly behind our assertions regarding mail-in ballot exploitation in Georgia and nationwide. And that makes us dangerous to the authoritarian architects who want no challenges, no free speech, no honest debate.

Click here to read our complete statement on this matter.

It’s hard to fathom just how bad the propaganda really is. And our situation pales in comparison to those of so many others, including J6 political prisoners and the Donald J. Trump family. The assaults are unprecedented.

On this Monday's Onward Live podcast, we'll discuss the mechanics behind a political hit. I will describe what fueled scores of nearly identical fake national news stories against us, what else was going on behind the scenes, and why the enemies of liberty needed it to happen last week.

We’ll deconstruct it all, piece by piece: how and why hits like these are orchestrated against us and others, how to read between the lines, how to find the truth, and how to mentally armor up for the coming months because the hits will keep coming and will get worse.

The podcast will be live on Monday, February 19th, at 7:00p et. Please invite your friends to listen in, too. Note: We’ve run into a few tech glitches the past few Mondays. To avoid that, we may also stream on Rumble and other platforms. If that happens, we’ll send an email with any new information.

In other news, Scan.Check.Protect. continues to gain momentum! This innovative tool is now available to empower you to take control of your voter registration. With simple steps - Scan your state, Check your registration, and Protect your vote by ensuring you're removed from rolls in states where you no longer reside - we're making it easier to prevent fraud and protect your vote.

Arizona's HB 2785 recently passed as a "Bipartisan Election Integrity Bill." Initially, the bill seemed well intentioned, and we were given assurances by local lawmakers that it aligned with the mission of TTV and other pro-integrity advocates.  Unfortunately, further analysis revealed that promised corrections were not made and certain loopholes in language were left unaddressed, creating future processing challenges for critical components like signature verification. Come the general election, we will be working with citizens and activists across the state to anticipate coming issues and preempt them. Forewarned is forearmed.

Lastly, we’ve uncovered a troubling obstacle to ensuring accurate voter rolls in Texas. It was widely reported that in 2019, the state aimed to identify noncitizens on the rolls, leading to significant findings. What was not as well known was the lawsuit that ensued and the settlement agreement entered into by the state, limiting their ability to address noncitizen voter registration. True the Vote’s legal team is currently evaluating this and other issues related to the noncitizen voter registration crisis unfolding nationwide. More to come here.

It’s true we are in difficult times. Nonetheless, opportunities abound. As Winston Churchill said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Keep strong. We are winning. I know it may not always feel like it, but we are.

With your support and prayers, we continue to move forward into 2024, stronger than ever. Faithful. Optimistic. Unafraid.

Thank you for your steadfast commitment to the cause of trustworthy elections.

Never quit.

Ever onward-

P.S. On Monday’s podcast, I'll also share updates on the situation in Nicaragua, where efforts continue to save the thirteen imprisoned pastors and two American children caught in a nightmare of religious persecution and human rights violations, as prisoners of the Nicaraguan government. Thank you for your continued action and prayers!

P.P.S. With the new programs, app launches, and coming legal challenges, our need for funding is escalating quickly. With your help we will continue to fight on the front lines for you and your vote.