Another Whipsaw Week

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It was another whipsaw week, so let's get to it.

Starting with what we're doing at True the Vote: If you're a regular reader of our updates, you know we've continued to drop trace details about what we're working on, but overall have stayed very quiet.  That's been an intentional decision. We've never stopped working, we've just stayed out of the fray. Within the next two weeks we will roll out the following:

  • IV3 - a web-based app equipping citizens to review their local voter rolls and quickly identify problematic records, featuring automated reporting of findings to appropriate county officials, all in strict accordance with state laws.  We will start beta testing next week with groups in Texas, Georgia, and Montana. Our goal is to add states slowly and be full scale by November.  Any registered voter will be able to sign up to participate.

  • Open.Ink - a research site on which we've posted all our findings from open records requests, our litigation (including litigation against us), resource materials, and best of all, a portal for other groups/individuals to post to, along with instructions on how to file open records requests.  Totally transparent.  We've actually had this ready for a while, but the hacks against it have been brutal, leading to our having to reconfigure our architecture...which is another story for a different day.

  • - new branding and a new version of our website coming soon that will give us the increased flexibility we need to post daily and scale quickly, including incorporating the above programs and a lot more.

We have three other big projects underway to bring to the activist community; tools that can be used to train and organize.  That's why we exist - to recruit, train, and mobilize. 2022 elections are less than 400 days away, there is no time to waste.

We are still in court against Stacey Abrams/Fair Fight over 364,000 elector challenges in Georgia.  We have eight additional lawsuits we are working on, but they will be under seal for a period of time, so that's all we can say about that.  And lastly, we are edging ever closer to the release of our information on ballot trafficking; working with law enforcement and interviewing select national media to determine who among them is willing to report truth. Ultimately, it will all be public, one way or another.

Who knows..maybe there's a movie in the works to tell the full story of all that has and is happening with True the Vote, (hint, hint).  OK, enough about us.

From newly announced 2020 election audits, to Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium, to continued attempts by the federal government to federalize elections....people are exasperated.  What should they be watching? Who can they believe? What is real?  This has been an extraordinarily difficult period. Here's a way to break it down:

1. There definitely was fraud in the 2020 elections.

2. It was made possible by decades of broken election processes and pushed to the breaking point by the pandemic.

3. Audits will only be useful if the goal is to evaluate broken processes and fix them. If the goal is to "flip the state" you've lost the perspective necessary to conduct a constructive audit.

4.  All machines have vulnerabilities.  Paper balloting has vulnerabilities. There is no perfect process.  There never has been. This is true around the world. An educated, trained, engaged citizenry, working together, is the best way forward.

5. There is no single silver bullet that will be revealed, by us or anyone else, to explain the full outfall of the 2020 election. We must continue to examine processes that broke down, but making claims requires actual, material, logical, evidence that can be evaluated by subject matter experts. It's heartbreaking to see good people like Mike Lindell caught up in grifts.  (Yes, we did try to warn everyone we could, starting back as far as 2019, that there were bad actors in play. That's why we were targeted, sued, slandered, ostracized,etc. It's ok, the truth will prevail.)

6. States are continuing to pass common sense reforms that benefit all voters , counter to what the InfoOp Media would have you believe. They are doing good work. Shout out to Texas!

7. Congress continues to try to federalize elections and codify catalysts for fraud, like abolishing ID requirements, institutionalizing mass mail ballots, dropboxes, and ballot harvesting. Of all the challenges we face, the legislation known as the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act pose the greatest threat to freedom.  This is a hyper-partisan battle.  We wish it weren't, but the media has so contorted what is really in the bills that many Americans have no idea how bad it really is. Special shout out to Senator Ted Cruz for holding the line against their advances !

We understand how you feel. We are worn out, too. Weary of all the misinformation, betrayal, infighting, lawfare, red tape, greed, cowardice, and on and on. But, the only way we improve this situation is to keep working. Citizens will be the solution. And it will not be easy. There's hard, hard work ahead.

True the Vote is doing the most important work we’ve ever done. We can’t speak for anyone else. When our work becomes public, eyes will be opened, hopefully there will be arrests, but if not, no matter what, we must keep fighting for honest elections. There is no reason 2022 should be a repeat of 2020 - unless citizens give up. We cannot give up.   Please don’t give up.

We're all in this together - and working together we really can true the vote.

Ever onward -