In case you missed it...they dropped the lawsuit (KONNECH)! v2

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Hi -

Last week, we shared with you that the Konnech v. True the Vote lawsuit was headed towards discovery.  Today,  we share with you that Konnech has indeed dropped the lawsuit, notably after last week’s email to you in which we shared so much evidence.

You know better than most, this was the very lawsuit that landed Gregg Phillips and I in federal prison – for refusing to name a source. Meanwhile, they had accused us of defamation, of hacking their servers, and pursuing them out of racist and xenophobic intent (none of which happened).

Think about the kinds of projects we take on - we don’t engage in these efforts because they are “low-risk” or because we expect the system to always favor justice. This time it has and for that we are very grateful.

True to form, there was no mainstream media coverage; however, the victory was memorialized here and here, and in the video below, you can hear Gregg share his firsthand account on Steve Bannon’s War Room.

We hope you have already received the press release giving notice that the Konnech suit was dropped, but … maybe not. In the events of last week, True the Vote’s website was (again) targeted and taken offline. (We’ve included the notice here once more).

This is not a rare occurrence for us – the haters are going to hack, and the haters are many. While everything is smoothly up and running again, hacking attempts are made on our sites thousands of times each week. In fact, it’s actually one of our KPI’s, one of our signals that we are over the target – that we pose a material threat to these forces that are nothing less than evil. It was almost as soon as we started getting positive buzz about Konnech that our website was hit, proving yet again that the opposition is desperate to remove us from the battlefield.

Even as we celebrate this victory, we must also acknowledge that our fight is far from over. The Konnech lawsuit (and a half dozen more currently underway) have cost us millions of dollars in legal fees. It's clear that this form of lawfare is designed to drive organizations like ours into bankruptcy. And while the Konnech battle ends (for the moment), the collective opposition has delivered some very forceful blows. We need your help to continue fighting for election integrity and to stand up against those who try to silence us.

We will win, but not without you. The most important thing you can do right now is donate.

Please consider supporting True the Vote today. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference and helps us continue this critical work.

We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and dedication to our cause. Gregg and I stood in the gap for this Konnech fight, but you were the wind in our sails - and you allowed for this beautiful victory.

Together, we will protect the sanctity of our elections and ensure that every voice is heard and every vote is counted.

As always – stay strong, stay vigilant, and stay informed.

Ever onward -

P.S. — Lest you think that lawfare is all that takes up our days, we’re still hard at work on other platforms and plans to advance our shared mission and build community around these efforts. Join us here on both Open.Ink and Onward.Social to learn more about our adventures in freedom.

P.P.S — Buen Camino! Yes, if you just checked out the Onward.Social app, I am currently walking the Camino de Santigo in Spain. Nevertheless, it’s still my top priority that you hear directly from me – hence this note today :). Please reach out to me on the trail!


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