Christmas Weekend Update

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Christmas Weekend Update

Merry Christmas! I’ll keep this update short(ish).

Thank You. To everyone who opened, read, donated through, or helped by forwarding our last email - thank you. Never in our history have we seen such an outpouring of support from one email. Over $300,000 was donated or committed. We are halfway to our goal. That’s incredible. And to me, even more important than the dollars was the show of solidarity for the cause. We don’t often make such a direct ask, but we asked and you answered. It’s reason for great hope. Together we will continue to soldier on.

Our New Logo and Website. Today we’re introducing our new logo and website. Going into 2024, we wanted a new look and feel that expresses the beauty and remarkable history of our beloved America. I hope you like it. We also significantly upgraded the platform to feature our trainings, resources, and volunteer opportunities (of which there will be many over the coming months). Check it out at

In the News. It was another whipsaw week, from Georgia to Colorado to the Supreme Court of the United States, all about election subjection. It’s hard to keep up, harder still to come to grips with the depth of abuse the deep state is willing to go to in its quest for control. We are closely engaged on many of these fronts, so I can confidently tell you that this rollercoaster has only just begun. What’s ahead will challenge us to dig deep, stick together, search for channels of truth, and, above all, keep moving forward.

Here are a few sources I read/listen/watch and are 100% worth subscribing to. (Please note: this list is NOT exhaustive; I will continue to make recommendations, and we will add them to our website.)

I would describe each of the above as “puzzle assemblers”, exposing pieces of information and fitting them into the bigger emerging picture. Suffice it to say a lot of lies have been told, for a very long time. But bit by bit, the truth is being revealed.

The darkness is very dark. It will grow darker still. Let not your heart be troubled. Hearts and minds are changing, eyes are opening. We will walk through these days together. Strong. Courageous. And we will emerge victorious.

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” Thomas Paine

Pray for peace, keep the faith, let’s roll.

Ever onward-