True the Vote Comments on Recusal of Judge in Konnech Chinese Data Incursion Litigation

Konnech judge recusal thumbnail

True the Vote issued this statement today on the recusal of Judge Kenneth Hoyt from ongoing litigation with Konnech, an international election software provider, over alleged ties to China:

True the Vote filed a motion seeking the recusal of Judge Kenneth Hoyt in Konnech's litigation against us. That motion was GRANTED today. Recusals in federal court are rare, and this decision reflects the gravity of this matter. Judge Hoyt sought unbridled discovery in this case before the most basic elements were litigated and sent Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips to prison without bond, all in a civil matter. He was reversed and admonished by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Konnech has sought to deflect attention from their wrongdoing through litigation, and Judge Hoyt's removal from this matter is a big step forward in unwinding the truth of Konnech's role in U.S. elections and elections around the world.

As has become clear in recent weeks, Chinese incursions into all elements of American society is growing, and our elections are no exception. True the Vote looks forward to a full public conversation about the issues of election security raised in this important case.