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Dear ,Thank you for supporting True the Vote, the nation’s leading defender of voters’ rights. Your help is essential to fund the continued expansion of our capabilities and we are so grateful for your faith in us.I want to update you on the remarkable developments that have finally become public in just the past few weeks. Since January 2021, we have worked to uncover the role Konnech, a Michigan-based election management software company with what appears to be deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party, has potentially played in the subversion of America's elections.

Earlier this month, the company’s CEO, Eugene Yu, was indicted in California on charges including fraud, embezzlement, and data breach resulting in the theft of the personal information of election workers all across the nation. The True the Vote team determined that this information was stored in China, in violation of US law and the contracts between many states and counties, and turned over our findings to law enforcement.True the Vote is honored to have played a role in the complex investigation that resulted in the arrest of Konnech CEO, Eugene Yu. The arrest was announced by Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon last week. This arrest was the result of an indictment by a grand jury convened in Los Angeles, which is the nation’s largest voting bloc.We applaud LA County, but it’s only one of many that we are working to help support. There are far more layers of subversion still to be exposed, with this company …. and others. As a consequence of our work, we’ve been repeatedly sued, slandered, and face security threats every single day.  We need your support now more than ever.Things are happening quickly. If you would like to receive an email from me with insider updates, please reply to this email and I will follow up with more information. Feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions or to discuss our work at [email protected]. Again, thank you for helping True the Vote stop election corruption and ensure that only legal votes are cast and counted according to the law. If election integrity matters to you, please consider renewing your support.Your donation helps us continue this work before, during and after the midterm elections of 2022 and prepare for the coming storm of 2024. With thanks,