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Hi Friend -

I hope this week's update finds you enjoying some well-deserved rest and relaxation on Labor Day 2023. Interestingly, Labor Day first became a national holiday in 1894. It began as a Union-driven agenda of planned protests to end capitalism and adopt socialism … but that’s not what America wanted. So when you celebrate Labor Day, remember what it symbolizes - one more failed effort to abridge our freedoms.

Our history is littered with repeated attempts to destroy this experiment in liberty that we're blessed to call home. Yet, God's divine providence continues to guide us, to redeem us, time and time again, through eventful acts of those He calls to His purpose.

It is with that sentiment in mind that I come to you today. I wonder if this is how it feels for soldiers to write to their loved ones. I never had the honor of serving in the military and certainly don't mean to equate our challenges with those faced in combat. So, please hear my heart through my words. My experiences are all I know, but I think they are worth sharing. I'm not particularly eager to write about any of this, but we've reached a stage where I must, at least somewhat, try to describe the situation we find ourselves in.

I started True the Vote in 2009 and was immediately targeted for takedown by political apparatchiks who derive their power through control and therefore fear honest elections. The attacks against us have never stopped.

Prior to founding True the Vote, I’d run companies in the private sector for over 20 years, never been in a lawsuit. Within weeks of starting True the Vote, we were sued twice by institutional leftist organizations in an attempt to stop the rising threat we represented. From 2010 through 2013, at the hands of the Obama administration, I fought twenty-three separate audits and investigations from five different federal government agencies, one of which was the IRS. We struck back, sued the IRS, and it took ten years in court, but we won. If you want to learn more, search online for “Catherine Engelbrecht” and “Congressional testimony 2014”. I reference it here only because some of you didn't know of True the Vote before 2020. We’ve fought for election integrity for over fourteen years. We've got a deep history. We bear lots of scars. I know the battlefield very well - and it has never been as dangerous as it is today.

Nary a day goes by without some kind of attack. Libelous news stories. Calls, emails, and social media threats. Property vandalized (happened again last week). False reports sent to banks and various government agencies and the outfall of those reports. False imprisonment. Everpresent personal security concerns.

Then there’s the lawfare. We are defendants in three lawsuits in Georgia. One involving the movie ‘2000 Mules’, one filed by the Georgia State Election Board, and one filed by Stacy Abrams, Marc Elias, and Fair Fight to stop us from assisting citizens in keeping voter rolls clean. We've also provided legal defense to citizens who spoke out and became targets. Lawfare is not about justice, it is tactic to drain time and resources and erode Constitutional rights. Our adversaries are extremely well funded. We raise our funds right here, one dollar at a time.

There's so much more I could write about the depths to which the Uniparty has gone to destroy us, but you get the picture. True the Vote still stands today only by God's grace, delivered in part through your continued support.

Now, we are preparing for 2024, focused on three non-negotiable goals:

  1. Election processes must follow the law.
  2. Voter rolls must be accurate.
  3. Citizens, sheriffs, and legislators must be equipped to participate.

Our plans to deliver on each goal are extensive, proactive, and could easily be outcome-determinative

Which brings me back to this feeling of a soldier writing home. We need your help. It is essential to the liberty movement that True the Vote stay in the fight, but we are taking massive incoming. We are spread thin, triaging the legal and research needs of others, being strategic stewards of every dime, and we are doing it all prayerfully, believing in the call that is True the Vote. If you can support us by donating to help fund our efforts, please click here.

We can help deliver election integrity in 2024 - but to do it we must fight. Now is the time. Now. Is. The. Time. 

Keep the faith. Never quit.

Ever onward-

PS - About a month ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a shockingly biased editorial accusing us of all manner of nonsense. One of our supporters, Larry MacIntyre, wrote a response to WSJ. Thank you Mr. MacIntyre! Here was the WSJ hit piece. Here's Mr. MacIntyre's bullseye response:

To: Editor, Wall Street Journal

From: Lawrence MacIntyre, long-time subscriber

I know you won’t publish this, but at the very least I hope it will be referred to the writer who produced the July 23 editorial titled “2000 Mules, But no Evidence.”

As a long-retired daily newspaper editorial writer, I was very disappointed by what appears to be a deliberate attempt to mislead your readers. You lead off the piece by asking, “why is True the Vote refusing to work with law enforcement?”

If true, that would be a good question. But it is false, and I’m pretty sure the writer of this piece did enough research beforehand to know it was misleading. Correspondence documenting all that has transpired between True the Vote and the GBI can be readily found on the internet.

In March 2021 True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and her business partner Gregg Phillips provided their geo-tracking data to the FBI showing that 279 cell phones had made multiple trips to Atlanta-area drop-boxes. A month later, they met with officials of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and provided them with the same data on a promise of confidentiality.

Five months later, they received a letter from GBI Director D. Victor Reynolds stating that while their data was “curious,” it did not rise to the level of probable cause.

Reynolds also released his full letter to the Atlanta Constitution, thus violating the confidentiality agreement.

Three weeks later, Engelbrecht’s attorney, James Bopp Jr., sent Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp a letter advising him True the Vote would no longer cooperate with the GBI because it had shown it could not be trusted to maintain confidentiality.

Bopp told the governor that Reynolds’s letter distributed to the media revealed “information that was provided confidentially to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It should never have been taken from the FBI files and publicly released….This action will have reverberations that reach far beyond Georgia.”

So, to answer your opening question, that certainly appears to be a good reason not to work with law enforcement in Georgia.

And finally, your editorial repeats the GBI’s deliberately misleading attempt to demean the accuracy of the geo-tracking methods used by True the Vote to identify drop-box mules. The GBI letter declared it could not investigate people who made “multiple trips to within 100 feet of a voter drop box.”

Anyone who uses their smart phone as a navigation device in their car knows that today’s phones can be tracked much more accurately than 100 feet. My cell phone can even tell me which lane I’m in and precisely how many feet I am from the next intersection. So, it’s not too hard to believe that the cell phones carried by the mules came pretty darn close to those voter drop boxes.

True the Vote and Catherine Engelbrecht did not deserve such a cheap shot at their credibility.

Thank you for your attention.


Lawrence B. MacIntyre

Greenwood, IN

PPS - I won't be hosting my podcast Monday night, but will be back the following Monday, 9/11, to tackle the topic of How Voter Rolls Can Be Cleaned - For Real.

PPPS - One last request to donate if you can. Thank you so much for your consideration.