Fair Fight Trial, Kirsten's Story, and The Great Voter Roll ERICxit

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This week will be another wild one here at True the Vote.

Last week our Judge in the Fair Fight v. True the Vote lawsuit ordered the case to go to trial. This is a huge opportunity for us to tell the full story of what led True the Vote to help electors file voter record challenges in Georgia. Stacey Abrams, Marc Elias, ERIC, and GA Sec. of State Brad Raffensberger, all played a role in what went on to become a critical case for election integrity. It’s the perfect time to publicly air the facts about inaccurate voter rolls and voters’ rightsThe Great Voter Roll ERICxit. We are digging in.

This week there will also be new actions taken in the Konnech case. Filings will become public in a few days. Once that occurs, we’ll email with a more specific update.

We are also working on several great new projects, including a nationwide election-themed scavenger hunt. It’ll be a fun way to get informed and equipped for serving in elections in 2024. More to come on that soon.

And last but never least, please join us tonight, Monday, March 13th, at 7p et, on Locals. We’ll talk about the coming Fair Fight trial, new news on Konnech, and dive into dirty voter rolls, life after ERIC, and what you can do to help in your hometown. You can click here to connect. 

By staying engaged and working together we really can true the vote. Never stop.

Ever onward -

What makes a person decide to work in elections? For Kirsten, motivation came from seeing her children’s schools being led by elected officials with destructive hyper-partisan agendas. She decided to do something about it. Here’s Kirsten’s story….

Being from Illinois, I ‘d watched for decades as our government officials engaged in more and

more organized criminal behavior, with less and less Federal law enforcement action taken

against it. Sure, the occasional Chicago Alderman would get busted for taking a bribe here and

there, but these prosecutions were window-dressing, not addressing the real criminality

behind Machine politics. Worse, it seemed that Chicago Machine politics had been franchised all over the country.

Then 2020 happened. The events of that year started to look an awful lot like the Color Revolution of 2014 Ukraine -- and the same American political figures involved in Ukraine were leading the charge against Donald Trump. There was no question what was afoot. I needed to do something. I needed to be useful to stop this takeover of our country.

True the Vote has seen all of this coming ten years before, now they were urging everyone to get involved in their local elections, so I did. I had to. What was happening in our schools was reason enough to jump in.

As in other communities, the communist infiltration of our schools had begun a while back, but it was not until 2020 that people started comparing notes- it was bad and getting worse, fast. We knew we had to organize and develop a strategy.

In August 2020, the principal at one of the high schools unilaterally declared in a letter to the

all the parents, faculty, and staff, that the entire district supported the Black Lives Matter movement - the same movement that was setting our neighborhoods on fire. Our parents’ group grew quickly.

In Fall 2020, our group lead the charge in getting the schools reopened, overriding the

school board’s plan to focus on making remote learning “exciting.” We sent a few district wide emails (yes, we typed each email address in manually) reminding teachers that their political views were to remain private and that they could withdraw from the teachers’ union per the SCOTUS decision in AFSCME v Janus. And we got the principal fired.

We assembled an extremely impressive slate of candidates for the April 2021 elections and

campaigned hard. Alas, this is Illinois, and we inevitably ran up against the powerful

infrastructure of the Teachers’ Union. Our slate lost badly. And I saw our broken election process up close.

Desperate to be useful in the election integrity movement, I attended a workshop in my

area where I learned election basics and more importantly, common election fraud schemes. While organizing people is not my strength, I decided to become an Election Judge Coordinator and Poll Watcher. I read the manual, worked with new friends to share ideas, and recruited on social media. I managed to get six people through the process and into Election Judge seats.

On Primary Day, I went to a work in a polling place in a nearby town. The Polling Place was immaculately run, everything by the book. As I was learning about the process from the the Election Judges in between voters, I got a text from a neighbor. All hell had broken loose at my own polling place. I tore out of there and headed straight into disaster.

Pretty much everything had gone wrong. The Election Judges were not able to access the polling place the night before to set up, so it opened 2.5 hours late. One Election Judge called in sick. The other two were first-timers, and one of them was 16 years old. The touchscreens didn’t work. The Sharpies were bleeding through. Two precincts were sharing equipment and judges, resulting in voters getting the wrong ballots. The scanner was broken, and they couldn’t locate the lockbox backup, so ballots were strewn in a pile on the floor. The Judges were forgetting to initial the ballots and they had had time to set up only two election booths, so voters were getting heated. It was a mess, but it would have been worse had we not been there to help. And next time, we’ll be prepared.

I’m proud and humbled to join the ranks of all the patriots who are stepping up in ways big

and small to serve in our elections. I hope my story will inspire you to serve in 2024 - it’s truly been one of the greatest experiences, and honors, of my lifetime.


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