FILED: True the Vote Emergency Motion Reveals Worldwide Conspiracy

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FILED: Emergency Motion Reveals Worldwide Conspiracy in Konnech Case

On Friday, February 25th, True the Vote, Gregg Phillips, and I filed an Emergency Motion to inspect Konnech's electronic devices (specifically, items seized by Los Angeles County law enforcement during their October 2022 raid on Konnech properties in Michigan).

If this is the first you’ve heard of this case, here’s more background.

The complete filing is 46 pages long. Please read it. I promise it will be worth your time.

What we have said about Konnech is true. Our elections are at risk. Some of the largest counties in the United States, along with several states, are using software that is being developed in, run from, and monitored by, China. This must be stopped.

Please stand with us - there is a tremendous amount of work yet ahead. We will not back down. We will not quit.

Ever onward -

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Key excerpts from our filing…..

Motion for Leave

“Defendants have advised the public that Konnech was not only storing personal identifying information of American election workers and American customer data on insecure servers in China, but that it was permitting unvetted nationals based in China access to the China-based servers and to the software itself.”

Exhibit C: Grant Bradley v. Konnech 

“In approximately September 2022, following accusations made by True the Vote, Plaintiff began investigating the extent of the information provided by Defendant Konnech to the programmers based out of Wuhan, China. Plaintiff confirmed that Defendants Yu and Konnech had been providing to these Chinese programmers private data of poll workers, to include social security numbers and other personally identifying information.”

Exhibit D: Affidavit of Harry Haury 

“During our investigation, Cain & Associates :

  • a. confirmed multiple instances of Konnech hosting, on servers based in China, U.S. citizens’ personally identifiable information (PII);
  • b. confirmed thousands of instances of Konnech data, including U.S. citizens’ PII, and software being transferred to and from China;
  • c. found evidence in Konnech’s private company messages that elections software code was being developed, tested, and maintained in China. “

Exhibit E: Affidavit of Brian Glicklich 

“Mr. McAllister indicated that he had seen my appearance on War Room the day before and had information relevant to the imprisonment of Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips…”

“Mr. McAllister told me that on Monday October 10th, someone had started deleting Konnech company emails from a website in Vietnam. “

“… interpretation was that someone at Konnech intended to get rid of any emails with log files that may have gone to China.”

“Mr. McAllister indicated that Eugene’s brother runs a company that provides similar election software to the Chinese Communist Party.”

Every day, China penetrates deeper into American life. Every day, our government minimizes and excuses Chinese interference in our society. Every time, someone says, "It's just a..." and makes an excuse. When does America stand up and recognize the truth, that China is secretly invading America? Join us in demanding better answers, fairer elections, and complete transparency.

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A curiously empty office in Washington, D.C. …

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We’ll talk about this, along with the recent developments in the Konnech case, all on Monday night’s Locals ( 2/20, 7p et). Please join us if you can -


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