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This update is a bit of a mashup. Many things are happening, some good, some challenging, but all very much a part of our continued battle for the Republic. However, that’s not where I’d like to start.

This week is what Christians refer to as Holy Week, beginning on Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem, followed by a daily progression of deeply symbolic events leading to His crucifixion on Friday, then a glorious end (and beginning) on Easter Sunday with His resurrection. Humanity was forever shifted through Jesus’ sacrifice. Total, perfect, unconditional love. His death made the way for our salvation.

This Holy Week 2023 it appears we will also see the indictment of President Trump. I don’t know what this confluence of events means, but I do know it means something - at a minimum, that we should pay attention, because the timing is not accidental. Pay close attention. And pray. There are no coincidences. God is always at work.

Though we are not facing indictments, True the Vote is also enduring a very difficult season, planning and preparing for 2024 plans, while battling lawsuits on six separate fronts.

My personal commitment to you is to remain ever vigilant and always transparent. So I feel led to share this very directly and urgently - I am asking for your help.

We are working tirelessly to remain one step ahead of the opposition, to stand in resolve, and to stay alive, while navigating the greatest financial burdens we’ve ever experienced. Quitting is not an option. So while our course does not change, the “going” is getting increasingly more tough.

It’s not often that I ask for help this poignantly, but this week, Holy Week, with all that is happening in our world, I am coming to you with urgency, seeking your support.

We ask for your consideration in giving whatever amount you can. Every penny will be put to immediate use. In return, we will continue to fight on your behalf, day after day, against enemies both foreign and domestic, in unending defense of your right to have your vote counted and your voice heard.

Many battles lie ahead. We are here for such a time.

Keep the faith.

Ever onward -

PS Our Monday night Locals livestream will be rescheduled for later this week so that we can bring you more direct news of unfolding events.


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