[Hold - Do NOT Publish] EXCLUSIVE: True the Vote Uncovers Illegal Ballots Cast by Incarcerated Felons in Georgia, Here's the Proof

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In Prison for Robbery, Assault, and MURDER, Incarcerated Felons Have Voted in 2020
Illegal ballots have been cast and these documents prove it.

ATLANTA, Georgia –  True the Vote has discovered that at least three convicted felons who are currently incarcerated in Georgia are registered to vote, their voter record shows them as eligible to do so, and, outrageously, they have cast ballots in both the 2020 general election and the Georgia runoff special election.

That means that illegal votes have been cast and counted. Using publicly available data, True the Voter researchers discovered these three criminals serving hard time were treated as legal and eligible voters by the system

Below we have embedded the reports on all three offenders, to include the data sources and verification of the facts.


BRADLEY BROWN has been incarcerated since April 11, 2019, in a 20-year sentence for robbery, which is not his first incarceration.
Brown voted in both the Democratic primary and the General Election in 2020.
DOCUMENT:  Brown - Incarcerator Felon Voter

CHRISTOPHER THOMPSON has been incarcerated since December 22, 2016 on charges of vehicular homicide/injury by vehicle. It is not his first incarceration.
Thompson voted in the 2020 General Election , and has ALREADY voted ABSENTEE in Georgia's runoff election .
DOCUMENT: Thompson - Incarcerator Felon Voter

MARY ANN SPENCE has been incarcerated since February 4, 2013. Spence is serving a Life Sentence without the possibility of parole , having been convicted of murder, aggravated assault, and child cruelty in the death of a 16-month old she was babysitting in Atlanta. She has served 4 previous prison sentences on a variety of charges.
Spence voted in both the 2020 Democratic primary and the General Election in 2020.
DOCUMENT: Spence - Incarcerator Felon Voter

It is offensive to the law-abiding citizenry of the United States that votes are being cast and counted by those who have committed such heinous crimes. It is an offense to the integrity of our elections overall that such blatantly illegal votes can make it so easily through the system, even with the scrutiny that 2020 invited. Can voters be confident that this isn't widespread? Hundreds of thousands of voter records in Georgia show questionable address records. How many more aren't where they say they are -- or even who they say they are? But more than that, it is important that we realize even one - or three as in this case - are too many. We should be able to demand accountability, transparency, and competence in our electoral process. The degree to which such offenses are or are not widespread is of little relevance.

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