Judge Hoyt: The Most Biased Civil Case Ever Tried?

Ttv konnech hoyt bias

An in-depth look into the apparent bias against True The Vote by Judge Hoyt in a Civil Hearing.

By The Authority Via theauthorityq.substack.com

On Monday, True The Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips  were taken into custody  after a Contempt Hearing in the Konnech v True The Vote defamation case, which after reading the transcripts, had very little to do with defamation at all. Both Catherine and Gregg refused to leak the name of the third Confidential Informant that was in the hotel room when Gregg Phillips was being shown the PII located on a Konnech database in China, and as a result, were sent to the  Joe Corley Detention Center .

Gregg and Catherine have been held in solitary confinement for refusing to release a CI’s name (which is illegal).

I wanted to write this article to highlight the biased and hypocrisy that Judge Hoyt has shown in the courtroom against True The Vote. I have followed many proceedings and witnessed how Judge Sullivan treated General Flynn throughout his trials. I listened to every hearing and read every transcript, and I believe both Judge Sullivan and Judge Hoyt are cut from the same cloth.

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