Keep Calm for a No Mail-In

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Hi everyone - today's video is up and it's all about mail-in ballots. Using the COVID19 frenzy as their launch pad, folks like Hillary Clinton, Marc Elias, and a gaggle of politically-motivated organizations are calling for a nationwide move to mail-in ballots for the November election. NO!!! Mail-in ballots are the least secure way you can cast your vote!! Make no mistake, this is an attempt to exploit the current virus fear into a vote fraud frenzy. If you see a news story pop up about this push to a federalized plan for mail-in ballots in November - engage! Add your comment, let them know that we are not lemmings, we will not follow them blindly over the cliff they're leading us towards. Demand free and fair elections in November - and be prepared to work to support them. Now is the time to be strong! #choosefaith