Mohave Lawsuit Announcement

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Maricopa County Experimented with Unproven and Proprietary Artificial Intelligence on the Voter Signature Verification of Over 1.3 Million BallotsQ: Was this legal?

Voters in Mohave County, Arizona reported concern that their votes were being diluted by events in Maricopa County. This litigation seeks to uncover the source of their concerns.  We look forward to seeing the case tried in court to ensure that these citizens, and all Americans, can be confident that their votes count. True the Vote stands with these voters and is proud to provide research and legal resources to support them in their fight for fair elections.

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Either Maricopa used computers that wrongly influenced humans - or - humans tried to accurately verify all 1.3 million early ballots by themselves, which doesn't seem plausible to do in the time allotted.  So Mohave County voters have questions. As do, frankly, people around the country watching this election. This suit hopes to encourage Maricopa to provide answers, hold any responsible parties accountable, and rely upon Arizona state law to provide the appropriate remedy. The Return Hearing is scheduled for Friday, December 16th. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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