Outing the Illegal Immigrant Voting Scam

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Hi friend -

I’m coming to you today because a legal case must be built to stop illegal immigrant voter registration. I’m asking for your help.

Here’s what we know:

By Executive Order,  the Biden Administration weaponized all agencies of the federal government to push voter registration in populations where eligibility statuses cannot be effectively tracked, like students, prisoners, and noncitizens.

Then, they opened the borders to a tsunami of illegal immigrants. In just the last three years, over 10,000,000 illegal aliens have been added to the federal dole, being flown on your dime to battleground states across the country.

But the Biden regime, parroted by mainstream media, are quick to stress that illegal immigrants, or as the Administration is now calling them “New Americans”, wouldn’t dare vote because they face stiff penalties.

Not true.

Our federal laws are full of alien voter loopholes that create ambiguity where there should be none. More loopholes in interagency databases ensure that states cannot effectively determine a voter’s eligibility on the basis of citizenship. Together, these laws and processes create a throughway for election fraud, hidden in plain sight, with no recourse.

America cannot wait around to see whether the implosion of our borders will be exploited in the general election. It’s happening now. Post-election damage control won’t work.

If we go to court, will you stand with us?

Our legal team is drafting arguments for litigation. Our research team is amassing evidence from across the country. Both endeavors are extremely expensive.

Here’s one small example of what must be gathered: We asked the state of Georgia for material used to support their Citizenship Audit, which they promoted heavily in 2022 and 2023 (we conceptually agree with them, btw, we just wanted to understand how they conducted the audit).

Knowing there is no comprehensive dataset provided to states to help determine voter eligibility on the basis of non-citizenship, we are curious to understand how Georgia managed the feat.

Shown below is a copy of our open records request letter to the Georgia Sec. of State, which contains a copy of their emailed response. Bottom line, they want six months and $7500 to send us their Citizenship Audit information. This is the kind of uphill battle we face, but so be it.

Open records requests are being sent to every state and the largest 200 counties, asking each to provide their process for citizenship eligibility verification.

From compelling video evidence and examples of undocumented voters’ voting, to the unreliability of registration processes, and failure of federal standards to secure our elections - once you see it laid out, it’s hard to deny the orchestration.

The lawsuit effort will cost millions. We need to build a war chest as quickly as possible. To that end, we are posting links to our donation page, and also announcing a new fundraiser on Give, Send, Go.

To Donate on Our Website

To Donate on GiveSendGo

In 2020, mass mail ballots and dropboxes were introduced to provide the level of engineered chaos necessary to control outcomes. In 2024, the chaos will come by way of mass illegal voter registrations.

We must not stand by and watch it happen again. Please help us in this fight. 

Thank you for your steadfast commitment to the cause of trustworthy elections.

Never quit.

Ever onward-

P.S. Litigation is only one of fronts we’re fighting on. From cleaning voter rolls with IV3.us to helping reach the Latino community through Voto Honesto, to providing ongoing training and support to groups across the country, we are determined to help bend the arc of liberty back towards justice. With your support we will continue to fight on the front lines for you and your vote.

P.P.S. We are receiving increasing reports of our emails going to junk/spam. Here’s how to protect email delivery in any major email platform. As government censorship grows, these kinds of problems will increase. Take action now.