Stand Together on Tuesday and New States ERICxit

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Let’s start with the easy stuff … the Los Angeles County v. Konnech hearing that has been repeatedly rescheduled since last October … has again been rescheduled. The new hearing is set for Thursday, March 23rd.

Last week we filed our motion asking the Court to assign a Special Master to take custody of the 200+ electronic devices seized in the Konnech Michigan raid. Whether or not our request will be granted is not yet known. We’ll keep you posted. (Confused? Here’s a quick primer on Konnech).

Next, we invite you to join us this Monday, 3/20 @ 7p et on our live podcast on Locals. We’ll do another drill down into the continuing exodus from ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center). Ohio and Iowa just announced their departure, joining the ranks of other ERICxit states, Missouri, West Virginia, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana. Which state will be next? Could it be Texas? And, more importantly, what will states do without ERIC? Will voter roll accuracy improve or decline? We’ll talk straight facts about the rolls, the law, and the path forward.

And then, we’ll do something we don’t normally do on the podcast. We’ll pray for Tuesday.

We are extremely concerned about what could happen on Tuesday if the brazen and politically motivated indictment of President Trump, unprecedented in American history, actually occurs. As has been proven time and again around the world, apparatchiks will do whatever it takes to silence opposition and advance their agenda. Now it’s happening here.

President Trump represents an existential threat to the global Authoritarian Machine that, until 2016, believed our country’s downfall was a fait accompli.

Any leader who doesn’t speak out against the clear injustice of his political persecution is complicit. And weak.

There is no more time for weakness if we want to save America.

Ever onward -

PS In addition to the training, research, and support we provide on a daily basis, we are working hard to bear the weight of six lawsuits. If you can help us with a financial contribution, please do. We need your support. Quitting is not an option.


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