How to Start

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How to Start

We are experiencing a huge uptick in requests to serve with True the Vote! It is so exciting ... seeing the numbers climb and knowing this is just the beginning of the groundswell that I believe will continue throughout 2024.

Here’s our basic plan and timeline for connecting and serving with as many people as we can:

  • In the months ahead we will post new opportunities to work together, all over the country.
  • For the next few weeks we’ll to be noses down working on lawsuits. Trial begins in Fair Fight v. True the Vote on October 26th in Georgia.
  • Later this week we will launch a new and more engaging website with an improved look and feel. More on that below….
  • And tonight at 7p et I’m going to talk about How to Start, immediately, building a local team. Plot twist, the tips I’ll offer aren’t exclusive to Election Integrity. We’re going to discuss local team building methods that are effective to find support for any subject matter. Please join us tonight if you can.


A New Website is Coming!

Just in time to begin volunteer signups, we are thrilled to announce the coming launch of a new website. Site enhancements will include:

  • more opportunities for service, collabs, and ways to connect
  • better content
  • trainings and toolkits
  • easier signups
  • user friendly donations page
  • overall improved user experience
  • merch
  • a new look (that I love)

This Week

Expect to see a few more notes from us this week.

I have a new affidavit that accompanies this research on the Georgia elector challenges. We’ll put that out in an email for your reference.

We’ll be announcing the new website (God willing) so that will be a fun one.

Lastly, we are sending out a separate fundraising request. I’m giving you advance notice because it’s my hope that you’ll not only donate but forward to friends to donate too, so please be on the lookout. We don’t do “direct asks” very often. It’s my least favorite part of running True the Vote. But there’s no way we can do what needs to be done without substantial growth in support.

For context: there are 38 patriots who’ve been indicted over their actions related to election integrity in 2020. We are embroiled in five lawsuits of our own, helping as many indictees and groups as we can including providing testimony, affidavits, research, and legal support, while continuing to prepare for 2024, with plans for the largest program expansion in our organization’s history.

If you are concerned about election integrity, please support our work. Our goal is to leave no polling place unmanned, no registry unchecked, no patriot unregistered.

There’s lots happening. Lots of good work ahead. It will not be easy, but I’m looking forward to it all. Our country is worth it.

Keep the faith. Never quit.

Ever onward -