TAKE ACTION: Stop Election Fraud - Foreign and Domestic

Ttv ccp

Take action with us to stop CCP election fraud.

Join us in demanding an end to foreign technological interference in US elections. We have published a petition on stopccpelectionfraud.com. By signing our petition, you are sending a clear message to our leaders that we, the people, will not stand idly by while our republic is compromised.

Your signature, combined with the voices of thousands of other concerned citizens, will help preserve the rights and liberties we cherish as Americans.

Sign our petition today.

On that site, we also have compiled a list of federal, state, and county representatives from several states so you can contact your federal and state officials and tell them to remove and stop using Konnech technology in our elections at every level.

Take action now. Help us stop foreign involvement in American elections.

For additional context, Twitter user @KanekoaTheGreat published a thread today outlining his research on Konnech and TrueTheVote's litigation against them. He gives background on Konnech and Eugene Yu, as well as telling our story. Give it a read below.