"How They Did It": The Charlie Kirk Show features True the Vote bombshell election integrity revelations


"How did they do it?"

It's the question of the century - and the hot topic on The Charlie Kirk Show featuring True the Vote.

Charlie welcomed Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips onto the show to talk about election integrity in America leading up to the launch of some bombshell revelations.

Those bombshells that are about to drop form the bedrock of Dinesh D'Souza's upcoming film, "2000 Mules." Charlie, Catherine, and Gregg dive into the most critical aspects of their investigation on what exactly happened in 2020.

True the Vote lays out specific details on Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona elections, including whistleblowers willing to cop to the entire scheme about ballot harvesting and more.

Breaking down the nexus between progressive NGOs, radical activists, and the Democrat Party collaborating to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, Charlie, Gregg, and Catherine break down exactly how they did it, unlocking the strategy employed for flipping key states in 2020.

Using cell phone tracking technology, and cross referencing those results against dropbox camera footage, True the Vote has been able to document, case-by-case, at least 2,000 dropbox mules that accounted for hundreds of thousands of votes that represent a material, election-changing vote margin.

Find out how they did it exclusively on The Charlie Kirk Show.