True The Vote and 2000 Mules Fact Check the "Fact Checkers", Debunk AP Hit Piece

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By Wendi Strauch Mahoney of UncoverDC

"2000 Mules , a 90-minute documentary produced by Dinesh D’Souza, is the visual tip of the ballot trafficking iceberg based on the digital evidence collected by  True the Vote (TTV)  and OPSEC.

Utilizing geospatial technology  to ping cellphones using data from apps, Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of  TTV,  coordinated with Gregg Phillips’ OPSEC team of cyber analysts to establish a “pattern of life.”

They then corroborated those anonymous cellphone data trails with publicly available  dropbox  surveillance videos.

Phillips has been doing highly specialized work on  elections  globally for forty years but the technology used in this project has only been around for the past few years.

The  AP published  a “hit piece” on May 3, attempting to expose TTV’s  “flawed analysis of cellphone location data and ballot  drop box  surveillance footage” presented in 2000 Mules. We will examine those claims, weaving in information from the movie and conversations with Engelbrecht over the weekend."

Click here to read the full "fact check" of the "fact checkers".