True the Vote Investigating Suspected Illegal Votes in Michigan

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True the Vote Investigating Suspected Illegal Votes in Michigan
Submits Public Record Requests to Government Agencies to Verify Legal vs. Illegal Ballots; Ensure Only Legal Votes are Counted in Final Vote Tally

HOUSTON, Texas – True the Vote, as part of its “Validate the Vote” initiative, today submitted public record requests with the Michigan Department of State, Michigan Department of Corrections, and Wayne, Washtenaw, and Ingham Counties requesting data that will determine potential illegal votes that were cast and counted in the most recent election.

"Despite media outlets having called the elections in Michigan, the fact remains that the ballot counting process was rife with credible complaints of maleficence, mismanagement, and potentially illegal action,”  said True the Vote Founder and President Catherine Engelbrecht.  “True the Vote is an organization committed to election integrity, to ensuring that every single legal vote cast is counted, and that illegal votes are not counted. Given the widespread problems with mail-in ballots and legitimate complaints throughout the ballot-counting process, we believe it is critical to ensure that before the Michigan elections are certified on December 8, all due diligence is carried out to nullify any illegal votes and guarantee that every legal ballot submitted on or before Election Day is counted. Regardless of the outcome or ultimate victor of this process, we have a basic obligation to follow the law and uphold the tenet of our Constitution that guarantees the right to vote to every law-abiding American citizen.”

Under Michigan’s public records law, True the Vote requested documents including:

  • Poll books

  • Voter registration lists

  • Records of mail-in, absentee, provisional, and limited ballots

  • Driver license and state ID records

  • Information about voters contacted to “cure” rejected ballots

  • Citizen complaints pertaining to election integrity

Government bodies are required by law to respond no later than five days after the request, though they may also obtain a 10-day extension.

“Despite reports that Vice President Joe Biden has already ‘won’ the election, there is credible evidence of widespread malfeasance in Michigan and elsewhere that could have led to a substantial number of illegal votes,”  said True the Vote Legal Counsel James Bopp, Jr. of The Bopp Law Firm, PC.  “Every vote in the impacted states should be verified to ensure that Americans get the President they actually chose. Regardless of the outcome, the results of the 2020 election should not be decided until known irregularities have been fully addressed. True the Vote’s investigation will shed needed light on active threats to the integrity of our elections.”

Following is a timeline of key dates surrounding this contested election:

  • Dec. 8: “Safe Harbor” – date by which states must certify results and assign electors. If an election is in dispute, state legislatures may assign electors.

  • Dec. 14: Electors meet in their states to cast votes for the president and Vice President.

  • Jan. 3: New Congress is sworn in; 117th session starts.

  • Jan. 6: Electoral votes are counted in House chamber by members of House and Senate; if neither candidate has 270 electoral college votes, the election is in dispute.

  • Jan. 20: Inauguration Day – new president takes oath of office. In a disputed election, the House will appoint the president and Senate will choose the Vice President.

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