True the Vote Launches National Media Buy to Raise Awareness About Election Integrity and Drive Citizens to Engage in the Election Process

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True the Vote Releases National Program to Raise Awareness About Election Integrity and Drive Citizens to Engage in the Election Process

Leading a Network of Well-Trained, Well-Placed Volunteers, True the Vote Has Been on the Front Lines Fighting Election Fraud Since 2009

HOUSTON, Texas – True the Vote today launched a 30-minute documentary-style program – and complimentary microsite – to raise awareness of the vast security gaps in election laws and processes all across the country, particularly as it relates to the expansion of vote by mail. The program will air in front of a national audience over the next six weeks to drive citizens to deter election fraud by personally engaging in the democratic process, whether it's through working at the polls, on committees that verify mail-in ballots, or other critical election needs.

“Our election process is vulnerable from beginning to end. Our country is at risk,” Catherine Engelbrecht, founder and president of True the Vote, says in the infomercial. “And now, due to the instability caused by the global pandemic and violent mobs ransacking our cities, where that puts us is with lots of Americans hurting, unable to go to work, unable to open their businesses, unable in some cases even to put food on the table for their families."

"There are dangerous powers at play and they are seeking to take advantage of the chaos, to further divide and ultimately to conquer our nation from within," Engelbrecht continues. "Those that despise, that hate our traditions, our freedoms – they are going to use this election any way they can to accomplish their goal. And so at this critical moment in time, we cannot give in. Our time for choosing must remain in our hands.”

Click here to view a two-minute clip.

Click here to access the full program.

True the Vote serves as a civic hub, working together with citizens and organizations to recruit, train, and mobilize election workers, defend the veracity of the electoral process, and deter election fraud. So far this year, the organization has empowered more than 10,000 volunteers to serve at the polls in states across the nation, with plans to train up thousands more volunteers for the November election. As Election Day nears, True the Vote will be injecting more resources and people into the election process to assist state and county election officials to alleviate the critical shortage of poll watchers and election workers our nation faces.

True the Vote has also engaged in litigation in states across the country – including MontanaMichiganNevadaVirginia, and New Mexico – to preserve election integrity in the 2020 election. As the country’s largest voters’ rights and election integrity organization, True the Vote has been on the front lines of election fraud prevention since its founding in 2009. For more information on True the Vote's efforts, visit

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True the Vote (TTV) is an IRS-designated 501(c)3 voters' rights organization, founded to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. TTV empowers organizations and individuals across the nation to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation. For more information, please visit