TTV and 2000 Mules: Frequently Asked Questions

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We have been overwhelmed by the reaction to 2000 Mules and support for our work - resulting in lots of emails! We put together a quick reply to address some of the most common feedback and questions we’re receiving. Take a look below!

First, to our supporters who’ve sent us a note of encouragement:

Thank you for supporting our team and our work at True the Vote. We deeply appreciate you taking the time to be kind and show your support. Thank you for being an advocate for liberty and free and fair elections!

Questions about geospatial data:

Geospatial data can be purchased from a variety of places, curated for a variety of purposes. A great resource to learn about geospatial data can be found here

What about the Fact-Checkers?

We think you will find this article interesting:

Has True the Vote told law enforcement, the FBI, elected officials?

We did involve federal and state officials and law enforcement and are working with those who wish to act. Unfortunately, some are not willing to work with us which is why we are encouraging all Americans to take action in their state to ensure free and fair elections.

Why doesn’t 2000 Mules show the same person going to multiple drop boxes as claimed?

We do have video showing the same person at multiple drop boxes. Some of that footage was shown in the first trailer. It was taken out because the video is extremely poor quality.

We address this issue in the film. Most jurisdictions had no video or if they did, it was (illegally) destroyed. Of what does exist, 85% of it is bad; the camera poorly positioned, out of focus, the video compiled out of chronological sequence, inexplicably missing blocks of days and times. 

This is why the geospatial evidence is the key. 

One thing this exercise proved to us is that drop box surveillance video was never monitored, as voters expected it would be. Like so many other election processes, it was a false promise of security. 

We will soon be releasing all of the raw video footage so America can see for itself. Hold the line patriots: we always keep our promises. #ripcord 

How can I see the movie 2000 Mules ?

It will be re-released in theaters soon! It is also available for download on SalemNOW and Rumble/Locals. You can also purchase the DVD on 

If you have any questions related to production or distribution, or experience issues accessing or viewing 2000 Mules , please reach out to D’Souza Media at [email protected] . While True the Vote provided the data and research for the film, we did not produce it. Any questions that are directly related to 2000 Mules should be directed to D’Souza Media.

I need to report Election and/or Voter Fraud:

If you have witnessed or have evidence of election or voter fraud, manipulation, or other illegal action taking place, please file a report using the True the Vote Tip Line and always contact your local election officials.

I would like to donate or I am having trouble donating:

Thank you for your interest in donating to True the Vote! We are grateful for your support! Please visit to donate via card or PayPal. If you would prefer, you may mail a check to:

PO Box 3109 #19128, Houston, TX 77253-3109

What about my state?

At this time, we only have research in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Our objective is to expand our research and our investigation into more states but in the meantime, you can also take action. Please see the next section for ways you can get involved! 

I want to help True the Vote and Get involved:

Thank you for reaching out to True the Vote about volunteering. We have a few options for you to get started:

  1. Sign up for IV3 at We haven’t expanded to all states, yet, but we will be adding more as soon as possible so make sure you are on the list! If IV3 isn’t active in your state, you can still get involved in voter roll maintenance as nearly every state provides a way for citizens to review voter rolls and submit records to their local election administrators for review.

  2. Contact your local political party, elected officials, and Secretary of State about how to work the polls. We need poll workers and poll watchers everywhere. Get the training and let’s get to work!

  3. We have to get rid of drop boxes. They are not secure and elected officials have proven that they aren’t willing to take on properly securing them. Contact your state and local representatives, your board of elections, and members of Congress to advocate for the removal of drop boxes, and enforceable standards for securing drop boxes until they are removed. Also contact your local law enforcement to make them aware of this issue if they are not already and encourage them to take the necessary steps to be prepared.

  4. File an official report through the Election Integrity Tip tool on our website. If you’ve witnessed election fraud, manipulation, or illegal action, we want to hear from you. Please visit TTV Tip Line  to file your report.

We are so thrilled that you are ready to get started securing liberty and ensuring everyone has access to free and fair elections. 

Are you a 501c(3)

True the Vote is a 501c3 non-profit and non-partisan organization. Any contributions to our organization are tax deductible as charitable contributions. Thank you for supporting our organization and being an advocate for liberty!

Elections in My State

We encourage you to take your concerns and your questions back to your local representatives, the party you affiliate with, or your state election board to advocate for the necessary changes to make elections more secure in your state. 

If you have questions related to your voter history, please contact your Secretary of State or your local election administrator.

What happens next? #Ripcord

We are now preparing the next phase of our project: pulling the #Ripcord!

Since 2020, we’ve collected a tremendous amount of data and video, along with thousands of pages of documents from open records requests. Our plan is to release it all publicly for crowdsourced review and research. We’ve only analyzed the tip of the iceberg, and there’s far more that will be revealed with the public’s help.

We will post all video and data as soon as possible. Everything must be reformatted, compressed, and organized for easier access. This is a priority for us, but it will take time. We appreciate your patience while we prepare and we share your excitement for what comes next!

If research isn’t your thing, that’s a-ok. This is just step one. There’s a lot more work to be done.

Please stay tuned. We’ll communicate via email. More information will follow.

I want True the Vote swag!

Unfortunately, we do not have a storefront where we sell any merchandise. We see your excitement and we hear your requests and it fires us up! We do hope to one day have TTV merchandise but for now our efforts are focused on the work ahead. Any signs or other memorabilia have been created by everyday patriots! 

Thank you for your interest and for supporting True the Vote! We are proud to stand with all of you in the fight for free and fair elections!

Ever onward!

The True the Vote Team