TTV In the News | Catherine Engelbrecht Joins Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo

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“This year just voting is not enough. We must choose right now to engage in this process.”

HOUSTON, Texas – On Wednesday, Catherine Engelbrecht joined the Chris Salcedo Show on Newsmax TV to discuss the vulnerabilities surrounding vote by mail and the importance of every American to not only vote, but take time to serve at the polls.

In the interview, Catherine urged Americans to take part in True the Vote’s Call Your County initiative, and shed an important light on what is at stake in the 2020 elections. Watch the full interview here and below.

“This year just voting is not enough. [We must] choose right now to engage in this process,” Catherine told Chris Salcedo. “Our voter rolls are a mess. This is shaping up to be a perfect storm, and now in this lurch of the COVID pandemic, under the fog and confusion of it all, the politicos and the power brokers are out there using these opportunities to their great advantage. We have got to be on guard. Our system is already weak. They are using those weaknesses now and exploiting those weaknesses in ways that [no] patriotic American would want to see happen. A free and fair election is the cornerstone of our Republic and we need to work together [on] a unified front to preserve that process.”

The coronavirus pandemic has completely upended the election process all over the country. With states, counties, and precincts taking all different kinds of steps to adapt to the current environment, there is little clarity as to how citizens can best engage in the effort to keep our elections secure. That is why True the Vote launched Call Your County – so that volunteers can contact their county officials and report back on what is being done and the county level so that voters across the country can learn where they can serve.

Catherine’s full interview with the Chris Salcedo Show on NewsmaxTV can be viewed on True the Vote’s YouTube page.