UPDATE on True the Vote's Georgia Trial

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Week Two in Trial: Fair Fight et al v. True the Vote et al

On Thursday, October 26th, our trial began in a lawsuit filed against us by Fair Fight, Stacey Abrams, and Marc Elias, with the Biden Justice Department having intervened. This case has been ongoing since December 2020. 

A short background … in 2020, True the Vote helped Georgia citizens lawfully provide information about ineligible voter records to their counties. Over 364,000 records were identified. For our efforts, Stacey Abrams, Marc Elias, and the Biden Justice Department sued me, True the Vote, and five Georgia citizens who I’d thanked by name in a press statement.

Mainstream media has been all over this. New York Times, AP, and Atlanta Journal Constitution, to list just a few. And, as you would guess, the coverage has been largely negative.

Despite the inaccurate details and biased framing, they are right about one thing, this is a landmark case. We are fighting to protect citizens’ rights, your rights, to engage in electoral processes.

If we were not standing this ground, groups like Fair Fight would continue to bully citizens into silence. We must retain the right to engage, assemble, and lawfully petition our government - and in elections, we must strive to true the vote!

Join Me Tomorrow Night for An Update from the Ground in Georgia

This Monday night, 10.30, at 7p et, we’ll recap all the events of the trial and reflect on all that has happened in various courtrooms over the past year - it’s a lot. (There was a snafu with last week’s podcast, preventing many people from logging on. That issue has been resolved - so please give it another go!) Click the image below, and it’ll take you straight to the event.

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Keep the faith. Never quit.

Ever onward, with much love-