WATCH LIVE: Senate Rules Committee Hearing on S.1, 'For the People Act'

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On Wednesday, March 24, the Senate Rules Committee is holding a hearing on S.1, the Senate's version of the enormous and inaptly named "For the People Act."The HR.1 / S.1. process began in 2019. This is the bill's second time around and, as True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht wrote in our most recent Weekly Update newsletter, "this session's version is exponentially worse than its predecessor."The committee hearing today will be live streamed starting at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. Watch live below from True the Vote on YouTube.[YOUTUBE EMBED]Here's more from our latest newsletter. (Not registered? Sign up here!)There are over 700 pages of proposed changes in H.R.1/S. 1., extending well beyond just elections. Here are just a few HR. 1 highlights:The so-called 'For the People Act':

  • Bans voter ID

  • Legalizes ballot trafficking (harvesting)

  • Forces universal ballots by mail

  • Forces automatic, government-controlled voter registration

  • Forces same-day registration in all states

  • Requires ballots to be counted for 10 days after Election Day

The bill would turn our process upside down, abolishing accountability, undermining public trust, and opening the door to widespread error, abuse, and fraud.Watch the committee discuss these topics in the live hearing above, via the United States Senate's Rules Committee .