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"The right of voting for representatives is the primary rightby which other rights are protected."- Thomas Paine

June 5, 2021

Dear ,

For too many years, politicos have avoided tough conversations about election accuracy and security. The process is complicated; problems are both granular and epic. It was easier to cede the ground, so they did. But, from the founding of America to the founding of True the Vote, patriotic citizens have always known that our votes secure our freedom.

Now the issues of secure, accurate, fair, accountable election processes have taken center stage. The stories were leading news in November, and they are leading news this very weekend.

People intuitively know something is very wrong, but how to scope it, how to prove it. When you think you're at the bottom, you realize it was a false floor. To the newly initiated, it is tough to separate the signal from the noise - and the noise is deafening.

Here's where we are: True the Vote's current projects have not been made public. It's just how it has to be right now. Familiarity with the state-specific pitfalls of our nation's uniquely insecure process served us well in our decision to focus investigative efforts on voter roll maintenance, web-based election services, and vote trafficking (aka harvesting ... but that is far too kind a term).

There are tangible results from our effort. We keenly understand the imperative to publish our findings. That will happen without fail, but law enforcement needs time to do what they need to do. Over the coming weeks, you'll get first-hand knowledge of what we've uncovered. You'll have access to amazing new tools you will be able to use to fight future election subversion.

Despite coming against incredible obstacles, we have not slowed down; we've scaled up. We have a new Georgia office. We have an expanded team. We are resolute.

Just as we did in 2020, True the Vote in 2021 will lead the way in helping to secure that "primary right" of which Thomas Paine spoke, from which all of America's promise and virtue is ensured.

Together, with your help, we will protect America's promise. And bring truth back to the vote.

Ever onward -


Eyes On | Texas

by Dan Gelernter, True the Vote

Texas Democrats attempted to block the passage of an election integrity bill (SB 7) by walking out on the last day of the legislative session.  “We may have won the war tonight, but the battle is not over,” said Democratic state Rep. Nicole Collier, confusing the meaning of “war” and “battle.”

Governor Abbott has indicated he intends to call a special session to vote on the bill, and has threatened to veto funds for the Texas legislature.

Texas Democrats have staged walkouts on two previous occasions in attempts to prevent legislation from passing.  In one case several Democrats went so far as to flee to Oklahoma.  But these histrionics have never succeeded in preventing the passage of a bill, and they won’t succeed this time:  True the Vote projects that this election integrity bill will be passed in a special session.

More dangerous is the concealed agenda behind the Texas Democrats’ walkout, in which the media, social media and corporate America are all aligned:  They need to federalize control of elections, in order to strip red states of their protections against fraud.  That is why all criticisms of state election reform are followed by a call to the US Congress to pass S1 or the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, either of which would transfer control of state election law to the Department of Justice.

Learn about the contents of the bill, and the Democrats’ larger game in walking out on the vote here.



Lt. Col. Allen West Leaves After Less Than One Year as Texas GOP ChairmanFrom Breitbart - “Lt. Col. Allen West will take this opportunity to prayerfully reflect on a new chapter in his already distinguished career,” the press release says. “We know that wherever he goes next, he will continue to be a bulwark against progressive socialism and a champion for the principles of Texas and our American Republic.”Read the restTexas Gov Pushes Legislation to Curb Big Tech Content ModerationFrom Washington Free Beacon - In a press conference on Friday, Texas governor Greg Abbott (R.) announced S.B. 12, a bill that would prohibit social media companies from "censoring Texans." "Conservative speech will not be canceled in the state of Texas," said the governor. The bill's language is similar to that of legislation proposed by Republicans in several states, including Arizona, Minnesota, and Florida, where it wasRead the restWhat Is the Future of Civics Education?From RedState -  So, what should Civics education look like in a course that will become a major part of high school students’ graduation requirement? If this becomes something we see in every state, what should the model be? There will need to be a deep understanding of the election systems. Why is it not (nor should it be) controlled by the federal government and instead run by the states? What purpose does the Electoral College serve and why should we keep it? Can it be stolen and how could that be prevented if so? Students will have to understand the three branches of government and how they check each others’ power.Read the rest


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