We're All In This Together

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Hi everyone! From our house to yours....thoughts and prayers are with all our fellow Americans as together we find our way in this (temporary) new normal of daily life. This video was shot last weekend and will be the last one "in studio" for a while. In the days ahead, you'll be seeing more regular updates from me. My personal goal is to post new video on a daily basis. We've been working on lots of new projects - but our way (my personal way) has always been keep things tightly under wraps until we're fully ready to go public. That's going to change. We're going to try to approach this a little differently with the goal of not being perfect, just being real. Just having conversations. Getting connected. Staying connected. We will get through this, my friends, and we will be stronger for it. So, that's it for now. Back again tomorrow. #choosefaith