HUGE win in our IRS lawsuit!

18th of April 2017

We just had a HUGE win in our IRS lawsuit! Both the court ruling and a longer explanation are posted on our website, but here’s my video explanation (in under two minutes)

Last week, House Republicans said they plan to file criminal charges against Lois Lerner. Their willingness to push forward in the investigation, together with our stunning win of court-ordered discovery and deposition of key IRS staff, means that we are closer than ever to revealing all the players involved in the IRS Targeting Scandal and securing policies and penalties to ensure IRS viewpoint based discrimination can NEVER happen again.

We are still aggregating data and laying the groundwork for the forensic audit of the 2016 election. Now - in addition to that epic project - we also need to raise additional support for legal efforts in our IRS case. We desperately need financial resources to keep both these groundbreaking efforts moving forward.

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These are history-making efforts, and we are committed to seeing them through, but we NEED your help.

Thank you so much for standing with us!


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