Indiana Democrat faces federal voter fraud charges

30th of September 2015

Another “irrational” person willing to risk felony charges to influence an election:

Sullivan County, Indiana councilman Max Judson, who won his 2014 Democrat primary election by just 18 votes, was arrested and charged with one count each of voter fraud and witness tampering. “He faces 25 years if convicted on both crimes.”

The FBI complaint charges Judson with violating federal and state election laws by soliciting a voter to fill out an absentee ballot application who wasn’t eligible to vote in Sullivan County.  Judson admits knowingly doing this, as well as “telling several Voters to be untruthful to the FBI.”

JUDSON further admitted to being present while at least 15 people filled out their Sullivan County Primary absentee ballots. JUDSON stated that on nearly all of these occasions, JUDSON either told these Voters how they should vote or which bubbles to fill in on their ballots. JUDSON admitted that he knew his conduct to be wrong, and that as a candidate he should not have been involved in the voting process.

Also by his own admission, this wasn’t the first time the councilman did wrong, though he “was not sure how many elections he personally assisted Voters with their votes.”


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