Legal challenge to North Carolina voter ID law could be settled or dismissed

19th of August 2015

The federal legal challenge to North Carolina’s Voter ID law could be settled, according to court documents filed Monday…

U.S. Judge Thomas Schroeder had ruled that the legal challenge on the photo ID requirement would be continued. Schroeder’s decision came after state Republicans made changes softening the photo ID requirement less than a month before the trial started.

The law now allows voters in 2016 who don’t have a photo ID to sign a “reasonable impediment declaration” and also enables voters to present certain photo ID that may have expired as long as it’s not more than four years. Attorneys representing the state and Gov. Pat McCrory argue that the changes make the legal challenge to the photo ID requirement moot.

The state is seeking dismissal. Plaintiffs, meanwhile, are angling for “negotiations” to address “continuing concerns,” though it’s hard to see why the state would enter into a consent decree at this point, as the photo ID requirement reasonably accommodates all eligible voters.


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