New Hampshire governor vetoes 30-day wait to vote

13th of July 2015

A bill to prevent “drive-by voting” by non-residents was vetoed by New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan.

Supporters say it would end “drive-by voting” by people who are in the state for a short period of time and who intend to move on but vote in an election, such as political campaign workers or consultants. Under the bill, a person would have to be a resident of the state for at least 30 days before he or she could vote in an election.

The state has long had same-day voter registration in order to avoid “motor-voter” requirements mandated by the federal government, and the bill would upend that system, Hassan said.

SB 179 “has the full support of New Hampshire’s official on voting laws, Secretary of State William Gardner, who says it will protect the state from voter fraud and drive-by voting without infringing on an individual’s right to vote.”

House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan, R-Brookline, also supports SB 179, because “citizens should have a reasonable expectation that their vote will not be cancelled out by temporary visitors. Under our existing laws our doors are still technically open for people with little intent on staying here to participate in (the presidential) primary. That seems unfair to most people.”


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