North Carolina to hold five new elections due to “irregularities”

25th of January 2016

More voter fraud in North Carolina that changed the outcome of elections:  The State Board of Elections has ordered five do-overs of 2015 municipal elections in which it found “evidence of irregularities sufficient to cast doubt on the outcome.

The State Board of Elections ruled this week in favor of municipal election challenges in Benson, Trinity, Lumberton, Pembroke and Ahoskie. In each of those towns, a second-place town council candidate complained of possible election law violations that could have cost them the election. The board’s general counsel, Josh Lawson, said board members found “evidence of irregularities sufficient to cast doubt on the outcome.” … State law calls for a new election if officials find an election law violation that could swing the outcome.

Among the “irregularities” and violations found by the board were votes cast by ineligible voters who “did not live at the addresses they gave when they cast their ballots,” as well as allegations of vote-buying. State board member Joshua Malcolm said, “Unless people come forward with evidence they have about instances of vote-buying, ineligible voters, and fraud things are never going to change.”

Meanwhile, North Carolina’s voter ID law is back in federal court this week. The judge in the case has said that the law’s challengers “have not demonstrated that they are likely to succeed on the merits.”


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