North Carolina voting law has not prevented voting; it is curbing voter fraud

21st of July 2015

A former member of Pasquotank’s Board of Elections on the effects of North Carolina’s new voting law, which is currently being challenged in court, and several instances of fraudulent voting in Pasquotank County, which the challengers like to claim doesn’t happen:

“Under the new law, voter and minority turnout increased…

“In 2008, the campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opened a headquarters on Hughes Boulevard managed by a gentleman who commuted from Virginia. On the last day of same-day registration and voting he came to the Pasquotank Board of Elections Office with a utility bill in his name at the address of the campaign office and attempted to register and vote.

“In the 2011 municipal election in Elizabeth City, two Elizabeth City State University employees brought a van of ECSU cheerleaders to the polls and then forced them to register and vote. One employee was the brother of a candidate in the election. Some of the girls did not want to register… When they exited the building without voting they were instructed by the people who had brought them to the polls to go back in and vote. All of this is a matter of record in the minutes of the Pasquotank Board of Elections…

“When a Camden County resident, formerly from Pasquotank County, could not vote in 2010 she informed the Camden board that she had registered at the Department of Social Services… The Camden Board of Elections found the form she signed at DSS declining to register to vote. For the record, she left Camden that day and traveled to Pasquotank and voted illegally…

“In 2012 our local state Sen. Bill Cook, R-Beaufort, won by 21 votes out of 87,449 votes cast… It was later determined that more than 50 fraudulent voters voted in Pasquotank in 2012, including residents of Virginia, California and Georgia.”


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